CCHA Best Goaltender

The CCHA Best Goaltender was an annual award given out at the conclusion of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) regular season to the best goaltender in the conference as voted by the coaches of each CCHA team.[1]

CCHA Best Goaltender
SportIce hockey
Given forBest Goaltender in the CCHA
First award2001
Final award2013
Most recentBrady Hjelle

Originally called CCHA Goaltender of the Year (until 2004–05), the "Best Goaltender" was first awarded in 2001 and every year thereafter until 2013 when the CCHA was dissolved as a consequence of the Big Ten Conference forming its men's ice hockey conference.[2]

Only one player (Ryan Miller) managed to receive the award more than once, winning Goaltender of the Year in the first two years it was conferred.

Award winners

2000–01Ryan MillerMichigan State
2001–02Ryan MillerMichigan State
2002–03Mike BetzOhio State
2003–04Dominic VicariMichigan State
2004–05Tuomas TarkkiNorthern Michigan
2005–06Charlie EffingerMiami
2006–07David BrownNotre Dame
2007–08Jeff ZatkoffMiami
2008–09Chad JohnsonAlaska
2009–10Cody ReichardMiami
2010–11Shawn HunwickMichigan
2011–12Connor KnappMiami
2012–13Brady HjelleOhio State

Winners by school

Michigan State3
Ohio State2
Northern Michigan1
Notre Dame1

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