CB Ciudad de Burgos

Club Baloncesto Ciudad de Burgos was a women's professional Basketball team based in Burgos, Spain.

Beroil–Ciudad de Burgos
ArenaPolideportivo El Plantío
LocationBurgos, Spain
PresidentJavier Ruiz
Head coachJosé Jesús Vázquez


CB Ciudad de Burgos was founded in 1996 as a merger of the two top teams of the city:

  • CB Burgos
  • CB Alfa

In 2000 finished as runner-up of the Copa de la Reina, and played the Ronchetti Cup the next season.

In the 2005–06 season finished in the third position and lost in the Liga Femenina semifinals against Perfumerías Avenida, but in the next year the team was relegated to Liga Femenina 2.

Three years later, in 2011, the club came back to Liga Femenina. In July 2014, the club announced it would not compete in any senior competitions[1] and in 2015 it merged with other local club.

Season by season

Season Tier Division Pos. Copa de la Reina European competitions
1997–98 1 Liga Femenina 5th
1998–99 1 Liga Femenina 11th
1999–00 1 Liga Femenina 8th Runner-up
2000–01 1 Liga Femenina 7th 2 Ronchetti CupR1
2001–02 1 Liga Femenina 10th
2002–03 1 Liga Femenina 7th
2003–04 1 Liga Femenina 11th
2004–05 1 Liga Femenina 10th
2005–06 1 Liga Femenina 6th Quarterfinalist
2006–07 1 Liga Femenina 3rd Semifinalist
2007–08 1 Liga Femenina 14th
2008–09 2 Liga Femenina 2 1st
2009–10 2 Liga Femenina 2 2nd
2010–11 2 Liga Femenina 2 3rd
2011–12 1 Liga Femenina 9th
2012–13 1 Liga Femenina 5th
2013–14 1 Liga Femenina 6th Semifinalist

Notable players


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