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CBS Television Distribution is an American television distribution company, formed from the merger of CBS Corporation's domestic television distribution arms CBS Paramount Domestic Television and King World Productions, including its home entertainment arm CBS Home Entertainment. The division, the main distribution arm of CBS Television Studios (formerly CBS Paramount Network Television) and of the CBS and CW television networks, was formed on September 26, 2006 by CBS Corporation and was headed by Roger King, the CEO of King World until his death in 2007.

CBS Television Distribution
IndustryBroadcast syndication
PredecessorWorldvision Enterprises, King World Productions, CBS Paramount Domestic Television, Paramount Domestic Television 
FoundedLos Angeles, California, U.S. (2006)
Key people
Paul Franklin, President
ParentViacomCBS Global Distribution Group


The company handles distribution rights to acquired series, mini-series, and made-for-TV films from the Paramount Television libraries (such as those of Desilu Productions, Paramount Television, Viacom Productions and Enterprises, Republic Pictures Television, Big Ticket Entertainment, Spelling Television, and Worldvision Enterprises), and series, mini-series, and made-for-TV films from the CBS television libraries (such as those by CBS Productions, King World Productions, the majority of those by Group W Productions, and its own first-run broadcast syndication and off-network television series). CBS also handles the TV rights to much of its own theatrical films. The company formerly distributed the film libraries from Paramount Pictures and Republic Pictures, among others. The company is also responsible for international television distribution rights to series by Rysher Entertainment including certain HBO series through its CBS Studios International division,[1] and advertising sales representative for Lionsgate's Debmar-Mercury division.[2]

This would mark the sixth distribution name for CBS as CBS Television Film Sales was the first (1952–1958),[3] CBS Films, Inc. was the second (1958–1967),[4] CBS Enterprises was the third (1968–1971),[5] Eyemark Entertainment was the fourth (1995–2000), and CBS Paramount Domestic Television was the fifth (2006–2007).

The current moniker for CTD's overseas distribution arm is CBS Studios International[6] (since 2009). Its predecessors were CBS Broadcast International and CBS Paramount International Television.


John Nogawski in 2012 left his position as president of CBS Television Distribution. Thus Armando Nuñez, president of CBS Studios International, added responsibility for the division as president of CBS Global Distributions Group.[6]

With a growing international syndication business, CBS looked to split the group. In early July 2016, CBS hired Paul Franklin, formerly executive vice president and general sales manager for Twentieth Television syndication arm and MyNetwork TV, as head of CBS Television Distribution with Nuñez returning to just being president of CBS Studios International.[7]

In October 2018, unit president Paul Franklin retired and chief content licensing officer Scott Koondel stepped down for a production deal with CBS. On October 30, 2018, Armando Nuñez was named CBS Corporation chief content licensing officer and CBS Global Distributions Group president and chief executive officer while continuing in his CBS Studios International post.[8]

In 2019, CBS signed a ad sales deal with Debmar-Mercury, replacing 20th Television (which was acquired by The Walt Disney Company). CTD Media Sales is now responsible for the advertising sales for the Lionsgate/Revolution Studios libraries, Family Feud, and The Wendy Williams Show.[9] In June 2019, CBS Television Distribution announced that it would launch Dabl, a life style broadcasting network on September 9, 2019.[10]

Current programming

Note: All CTD programming includes series distributed by predecessor companies Paramount Domestic Television, Viacom Enterprises, Worldvision Enterprises, King World Productions, and/or CBS Paramount Domestic Television.

First-run syndication

Off-net syndication

Ad sales

Title Original run Network Notes
South Park1997–presentSyndicationproduced by South Park Studios
Divorce Court1999–presentSyndicationproduced by Lincolnwood Drive, Inc.; syndicated by Fox First Run
Family Feud1999–presentSyndicationproduced by Fremantle; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
Tyler Perry's House of Payne2006–2012TBSproduced by Tyler Perry Studios; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
The Wendy Williams Show2008–presentSyndicationproduced by Wendy Williams Productions and Perler Productions; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns2009–2011TBSproduced by Tyler Perry Studios; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
Are We There Yet?2010–2013TBSproduced by Revolution Television, 5914 Entertainment, Ltd., Cubevision, and Debmar-Mercury
Anger Management2012–2014FXproduced by Revolution Studios, Mohawk Productions, Twisted Television, and Lionsgate Television; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
Dish Nation2012–presentSyndicationproduced by Fox Television Stations; syndicated by Fox First Run
BoJack Horseman2014–presentNetflixproduced by ShadowMachine and Boxer vs. Raptor for The Tornante Company; syndicated by Debmar-Mercury
Schitt's Creek2015–presentCBCproduced by Not a Real Company Productions; distributed in the U.S. by Debmar-Mercury
25 Words or Less2018–presentSyndicationproduced by Dino Bones Productions; syndicated by Fox First Run
Caught in Providence2018–presentSyndicationproduced by Debmar-Mercury
Ambitions2019–presentOWNproduced by Will Packer Productions, Lionsgate Television, and Debmar-Mercury

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