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CBS Home Entertainment (formerly CBS Video, currently branded as CBS DVD for DVD releases and CBS Blu-ray for Blu-ray releases) is a home entertainment company owned by ViacomCBS, It's releases are distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution.

CBS Home Entertainment
CBS Blu-ray
CBS Video Enterprises, Inc. (1975–1980)
CBS Video (1980–2006)
IndustryHome entertainment
PredecessorCBS/Fox Video 
SuccessorCBS/Fox Video 
Area served
ParentCBS Entertainment
WebsiteCBS Home Entertainment website


CBS, Inc. owned a home video arm, CBS Video Enterprises (CVE), established in 1975.

In 1980, CVE formed a joint venture with MGM, MGM/CBS Home Video licensed the film library of MGM for release on home videocassette, following the early leads of Paramount Home Video and 20th Century Fox's Magnetic Video division. In addition to the MGM film library, the company released output from CBS News, CBS Records, the CBS television network, CBS Theatrical Films, and the motion picture division of Lorimar.

By 1981, MGM/CBS had expanded from VHS and Betamax to RCA's CED system as well. In 1982, CBS withdrew from the MGM joint venture. The MGM/CBS company reorganized into MGM/UA Home Video.

A short time later, CBS purchased a stake in 20th Century Fox's home video operation, and formed CBS/Fox Video. The new company reissued many of CBS' properties issued under the CBS/Fox label, in addition to films under the 20th Century Fox banner. Two specialty labels, Key Video, and Playhouse Video, were also created.

The CBS/Fox joint venture was reorganized in 1990, with Key Video and Playhouse Video ceasing operations, and Fox Video was created to release the mainstream output of 20th Century Fox. CBS continued to issue their product and programming under the Fox Video label until 1998, and utilized the CBS/Fox label for BBC Video programs until 1999. In 1999, CBS/Fox Video was folded into 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

After the CBS/Viacom merger was completed in 2000, Paramount Home Entertainment became CBS Video/DVD's distributor. Both companies were split again on January 1, 2006, but they are still controlled by National Amusements. CBS Corporation formed CBS Home Entertainment as a new home entertainment arm in 2007. However CBS and Viacom Remerged once again on December 4, 2019 to transform into ViacomCBS. and Paramount continues to distribute a majority of CBS DVDs and Blu-rays, with several exceptions. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (later succeeded by Lionsgate Home Entertainment in 2015) won the right to release material from the newly formed incarnation of CBS Films beginning in 2010, under license from CBS Home Entertainment. Most less-demanded CBS programs are either released on manufactured-on-demand DVDs by ViacomCBS' CBS Entertainment themselves or licensed to Visual Entertainment Inc.


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