C4, C04, C.IV, C-4, or C-04 may refer to:



  • C4 (rapper), a rap music producer from Birmingham, England
  • Clarence Mitchell IV, American radio host and former politician
  • Chris Turner, sometimes credited as Chris Heiner, a.k.a. "C4", Australian musician, part of Modern Day Poets (MDP) alongside Tim Turner (a.k.a. "DubLT") and Joel Turner


  • C4 (conference), a Macintosh software developers conference
  • C4 Engine, a next-generation 3D game engine
  • Cx4 chip, an add-on microprocessor chip employed by certain Super NES game cartridges (often incorrectly referred to as the C4 chip)
  • Controlled collapse chip connection or flip chip, a method for interconnecting semiconductor devices
  • VIA C4, a planned design of central processing unit for a personal computer

Arts, entertainment, and media


Other uses in arts, entertainment and media

Math, science and technology

  • , the Cyclic group of order 4
  • C4, the fourth pure "core" module in the Edexcel A-level mathematics examination
Other uses in science and technology
  • C4, butyl-type hydrocarbon chain, a type of four-carbon molecule, especially in C4 reversed-phase chromatography columns
  • Cluster 4 or Tango, an ESA satellite that studies the Earth's magnetosphere over the course of an entire solar cycle


  • C4 (Colombia), a political party in Colombia
  • C4, a social welfare non-profit entity organized under section 501(c)(4) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code
  • Churches Covered and Connected in Covenant, a religious association founded by Archbishop LeRoy Bailey Jr.



  • C4, an international standard paper size (229*324 mm), defined in ISO 216
  • C4, the envelope size matching the A4 paper size



  • C-4, the US Army designation of the Ford Trimotor
  • AEG C.IV, a German World War I reconnaissance aircraft
  • AGO C.IV, a 1917 German reconnaissance aircraft
  • C-4 Academe, the military version of Gulfstream I twin turboprop business aircraft
  • C-4 Argonaut, a Canadair aircraft derived from the Douglas DC-4
  • Cierva C.4, a 1922 Spanish experimental autogyro
  • DFW C.IV, a 1916 German reconnaissance aircraft
  • Flight Design C4, a four-seat light aircraft
  • Fokker C.IV, a 1923 Dutch two-seat reconnaissance aircraft
  • Rumpler C.IV, a 1917 German single-engine, two-seater reconnaissance biplane


Motorised wheeled vehicles


  • HMS C4, a British C class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • Type C4 ship, merchant cargo ships of United States Maritime Commission "C" design
  • USS C-4 (SS-15), a United States C class submarine of the United States Navy
  • USS Philadelphia (C-4), a protected cruiser of the United States Navy

Vehicle components


Other uses

  • C4, a variation of Command and control, meaning "Command, Control, Communications and Computers"
  • C4, the monogram of Christian IV of Denmark, used in the city arms of Kristianstad, Sweden since 1622
  • C4 Extreme, a sports nutrition supplement product line by Cellucor

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