C. M. Woolf

Charles Moss Woolf (10 July, 1879, London– 31 December, 1942) was a British film distributor.

C. M. Woolf
Charles Moss Woolf

10 July 1879
Died31 December 1942
EmployerGaumont British Picture Corporation, General Film Distributors
Known forDistributing some of Alfred Hitchcock's first films
Spouse(s)Second wife, Gladys Capua Woolf
ChildrenJohn and James Woolf, Rosemary Woolf
RelativesEight brothers and sisters


Woolf made a fortune by financing, distributing and exhibiting films after World War I, including some of Alfred Hitchcock's first films. In 1935 he resigned from the Gaumont British Picture Corporation and formed General Film Distributors. He brought J. Arthur Rank into the film industry.[1]

He was the father of producers John and James Woolf, and of Rosemary Woolf, a scholar of medieval literature.[2]

Selected filmography


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