C.I.D. (Singaporean TV series)

C.I.D. (刑警2人组) is a Singaporean police drama which aired in 2006 on MediaCorp Channel 8. The series debuted in June 2006 and was screened on weekday nights at 9pm. It stars Tay Ping Hui , Qi Yuwu , Apple Hong , Jeanette Aw , Ong Ai Leng , Brandon Wong & Zhang Yaodong as the casts of this series.[1]

GenrePolice procedural
Written byLiew Kwee Lan 刘桂兰
Tang Yeow 陈耀
Directed byChong Liung Man
StarringTay Ping Hui
Qi Yuwu
Apple Hong
Jeanette Aw
Ong Ai Leng
Brandon Wong
Zhang Yaodong
Opening theme刮目相看 by Gary Chaw
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes per episode
Original networkMediaCorp Channel 8
Original release12 June 
7 July 2006
Preceded byWomen of Times
Followed byLove at 0°C
Related showsPatrol (1989)
True Heroes (2003)

The series was directed by Chong Liung Man (张龙敏) and starred Tay Ping Hui and Qi Yuwu in the main lead roles. Five years later, Chong would go on to direct award-winning police blockbuster C.L.I.F., which also features Tay and Qi in the main roles as colleagues in the CID. Rare for a locally produced drama, certain scenes were filmed on location outside Southeast Asia; there were several scenes which took place in Taiwan and were filmed in the country itself.


Supporting cast


  • Pan Lingling as He Meiyun, Tang Jiannian's ex-lover
  • Li Jiaxun as younger Tang Siwei


Sean is a CID officer and team leader. Together with his elite team of investigators, Zhang Zhihua, Lin Yaoshan and Wu Guoxiong, and forensic scientist Fang Jiayi, they tackle several cases.

The first case involves a string of triad execution-style murders tied with the notorious local triad. They are traced to a man called Tang Siwei, who is a member of Xiang Dahai's gang. Xiang Dahai ("Hai-ge") is a notorious "ah long" and head of the local syndicate. Recently, one of his men Lin Chenghui has been down on his luck and had several operations and gambling dens shut down. His partner is Tang Siwei, whom the CID has been tracking down. The murder count keeps piling up and evidence shows Tang Siwei is not the killer. The police manage to close down the syndicate and arrest Hai-ge. To Sean's shock, Siwei is actually a fellow CID officer who went undercover as a gang member as part of a dangerous covert operation to crack down on the local triads. After Chenghui was killed by another triad member, Siwei took it upon himself to help Chenghui's widow out guilt and compassion but did not disclose his occupation so that they would accept his help.

Tang Siwei's boss decides to transfer him to Sean's team. Although highly competent and intelligent, his aloof and seemingly anti-social nature makes the rest of the team feel uncomfortable. Sean and Siwei's relationship got off to a terrible start as they had locked horns several times before Siwei's transfer. Eventually, Siwei earns his colleagues' respect and is well-regarded by Sean. Siwei meets Fang Jiayi, the resident forensic expert, and mistook her for his missing sister. Unknown to the both of them, Siwei's mother and Jiayi's father have been hiding a deep dark secret for almost two decades.

The team are called to a case involving a suspected suicide attempt. Sean's university mate Steve was found dead in Sean's car. The breaks had been tampered with and Steve had no reason to commit suicide. After hitting several dead ends, they trace a lead to a mysterious young Thai woman with an equally mysterious background.

Lin Chenghui's wife works at the local neighbourhood coffee shop. The boss, Lin Zaifa, has a very public affair with Liu Cailian, one of the waitresses. She and her husband Li Fuzhong have a very complex relationship. Frustrated by his wife's looseness, Fuzhong often takes out his anger on Cailian's daughter Qingqing. The impudent Cailian is oblivious of all the gossip she has been raising and of the fact that Zaifa has attempted to molest her daughter and continues to humiliate Fuzhong publicly. Sean's mother offers to take in the girl but she disappears one night. Qingqing's decomposing corpse was found in the woods but the team keeps hitting a dead end with each suspect.

Chenghui's younger brother Chenggong has been getting into trouble lately by roaming around the HDB estates with some fellow school drop-outs and delinquents. Sean and his team find it difficult to rein them in as they have little or no regard for authority. Meanwhile, Jiayi has been persistently trying to dig up her past and realises that she is not Fang Honglie's biological daughter. She later receives some news that will change her life forever.

Awards & Nominations

The other drams that are nominated for Best Drama are Love at 0 °C 爱情零度C, Rhapsody in Blue 蓝色仙人掌 ,Measure of Man 大男人,小男人 & The Shining Star 星闪闪

Best Actor
Tay Ping Hui
Qi Yuwu
Best Supporting Actor
Shaun Chen
Best Supporting Actress
Constance Song
Best Drama Serial
Best Director
Chong Liung Man

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