Cégep de La Pocatière

Cégep de la Pocatière is a Cégep in La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada.

Cégep de La Pocatière
MottoViens changer d'air
Motto in English
Come for a change of air
TypePublic CEGEP
Students2,000 students 1,000 full-time & 1,000 continuing studies
UndergraduatesPre-university students; technical
PostgraduatesNot available
140, 4e avenue, La Pocatière, Quebec
, , ,
CampusUrban one hour east of Quebec city
AffiliationsACCC, CCAA,


The CEGEP has a campus at La Pocatière and the campus of Centre d'études collégiales de Montmagny.


The College of General and Vocational Education is affiliated with the ACCC, and CCAA.


In 1967, several institutions were merged and became public ones, when the Quebec system of CEGEPs was created.


The CEGEP offers two types of programs: four pre-university and eight technical. The pre-university programs, which take two years to complete, cover the subject matters which roughly correspond to the additional year of high school given elsewhere in Canada in preparation for a chosen field in university. The technical programs, which take three-years to complete, applies to students who wish to pursue a skill trade. In addition Continuing education and services to business are provided.

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