Butler Bulldogs men's soccer

The Butler Bulldogs men's soccer team is an intercollegiate varsity sports team of Butler University, an NCAA Division I member school located in Indianapolis, IN. The team played its final season in the Horizon League in 2011; on July 1, 2012, the Bulldogs joined the Atlantic 10 Conference for one season.[2] The team currently plays in the Big East Conference.

Butler Bulldogs
2019 Butler Bulldogs men's soccer team
UniversityButler University
Head coachPaul Snape (9th season)
ConferenceBig East
LocationIndianapolis, IN
StadiumButler Bowl
(Capacity: 7,500)
ColorsBlue and White[1]
NCAA Tournament Round of 16
1995, 1998, 2017
NCAA Tournament appearances
1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2009, 2010, 2016, 2017, 2019
Conference Tournament championships
Horizon League
1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2010
Big East Conference
Conference Regular Season championships
Horizon League
1994, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010
Big East Conference
2019 Big East Conference men's soccer standings
Conf  Overall
TeamW L T  W L T
#2 Georgetown 7 0 2  18 1 3
#14 St. John's + 6 2 1  15 5 1
#21 Providence + 6 3 0  16 7 0
Butler + 4 4 1  11 7 2
Creighton 4 4 1  8 7 2
Marquette 4 5 0  8 9 1
Seton Hall 3 5 1  6 9 1
Xavier 3 6 0  8 8 1
Villanova 2 6 1  9 8 1
DePaul 1 5 3  5 9 3
As of 14 December 2019; Rankings from United Soccer Coaches


Butler University first fielded a varsity men's soccer team in 1989, when they earned a 12–7 record under head coach Langdon Kumler, including a 7–0 record against teams from the state of Indiana.[3] The Bulldogs began conference play the following season when their record improved to 14–6 with a 5–3 mark in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference (now called the Horizon League).[3] Coach Kumler left the program following the 1992 season and the Bulldogs were next coached by Ian Martin, who led the team to its first NCAA tournament in 1995, when the Bulldogs made it to the round of 16 after beating in-state rival and perennial national finalist, the Indiana Hoosiers.[3] Martin also coached the team to its second appearance in the round of 16 in 1998 before leaving the program following the 1999 season.[3] Todd Bramble served as the head coach for one season and is now the head coach for the women's soccer team at the University of Alabama.[4] The Bulldogs next appeared in the NCAA tournament in 2001 under head coach Joe Sochacki, who left after the 2005 season. Kelly Findley served as the Bulldogs' head coach from 2006 until 2010 and was arguably the team's best coach, leading them to consecutive appearances in the NCAA tournament in 2009 and 2010, including an unbeaten regular season record. Findley left following the 2010 season to take the helm at North Carolina State.[5]

Butler left the Horizon League following the 2011 season when the athletic department moved to the Atlantic 10 Conference. During their time in the Horizon, the Bulldogs earned five conference tournament championships, in 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, and 2010; and five conference season championships, in 1996, 1998, 2004, 2009, and 2010.[6]

Butler wins the 2016 BIG EAST Championship![7]

Yearly records

Season Coach Overall Conference Standing Postseason
Langdon Kumler (Independent) (1989–1989)
1989 Langdon Kumler 12–7–0
Langdon Kumler (Horizon League) (1990–1992)
1990 Langdon Kumler 14–6–05–3–04th
1991 Langdon Kumler 8–9–12–4–0T-4th
1992 Langdon Kumler 10–6–32–4–1T-5th
Langdon Kumler: 44–28–49–11–1
Ian Martin (Horizon League) (1993–1999)
1993 Ian Martin 9–9–23–3–04th
1994 Ian Martin 8–12–15–3–0T-1st
1995 Ian Martin 18–5–16–1–12ndNCAA Regional Semi-final
1996 Ian Martin 11–7–27–1–01st
1997 Ian Martin 12–10–14–2–13rdNCAA 1st Round
1998 Ian Martin 19–5–17–0–01stNCAA Regional Semi-final
1999 Ian Martin 7–12–05–2–03rd
Ian Martin: 84–60–837–12–2
Todd Bramble (Horizon League) (2000–2000)
2000 Todd Bramble 6–13–03–4–05th
Todd Bramble: 6–13–03–4–0
Joe Sochacki (Horizon League) (2001–2005)
2001 Joe Sochacki 11–9–05–2–02ndNCAA 1st Round
2002 Joe Sochacki 9–10–34–3–0T-4th
2003 Joe Sochacki 12–7–35–1–12nd
2004 Joe Sochacki 13–6–15–1–1T-1st
2005 Joe Sochacki 9–10–02–5–07th
Joe Sochacki: 54–42–721–12–2
Kelly Findley (Horizon League) (2006–2010)
2006 Kelly Findley 7–11–22–4–16th
2007 Kelly Findley 9–7–44–2–2T-4th
2008 Kelly Findley 13–3–45–0–3T-1st
2009 Kelly Findley 14–3–26–1–11stNCAA 2nd Round
2010 Kelly Findley 16–1–37–0–11stNCAA 2nd Round
Kelly Findley: 59–25–1524–7–8
Paul Snape (Horizon League) (2011)
2011 Paul Snape 7–8–32–4–2T-7th
Paul Snape (Atlantic 10 Conference) (2012)
2012 Paul Snape 5–8–53–5–1T-9th
Paul Snape (Big East Conference) (2013–present)
2013 Paul Snape 11–8–14–5–06th
2014 Paul Snape 6–7–52–5–28th
2015 Paul Snape 10–4–46–3–03rd
2016 Paul Snape 13–5–26–3–02ndNCAA 2nd Round
2017 Paul Snape 14–5–28–1–01stNCAA Regional Semi-Final
2018 Paul Snape 4–12–22–7–010th
2019 Paul Snape 11–7–24–4–1T-4thNCAA 1st Round
Paul Snape: 81–64–262–4–2 (Horizon)
3–5–1 (Atlantic 10)
32–25–3 (Big East)

      National champion         Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion         Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion       Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

Team honors

Horizon League Regular Season Champions (7): 1994, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010

Horizon League Tournament Champions (5): 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2010

Big East Conference Regular Season Champions (2): 2016, 2017

Big East Conference Tournament Champions (1): 2016

NCAA Tournament Appearances (8): 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2009, 2010, 2016, 2017, 2019

NCAA Tournament Round of 16 Appearances (3): 1995, 1998, 2017

Players, awards, and recognition

NSCAA Regional (Great Lakes) All-Americans
1990Scott Lawler(1st team)
1992Scott Lawler(1st team)
1993Steve Weigner(3rd team)
1994Steve Weigner(2nd team)
Casey Sweeney(3rd team)
1995Steve Weigner(1st team)
1996Stephen Armstrong(1st team)
Craig Donaldson(3rd team)
1997Jeremy Aldrich(1st team)
Stephen Armstrong(1st team)
1998Jeremy Aldrich(1st team)
Stephen Armstrong(1st team)
Giancarlo Barraza(3rd team)
Craig Donaldson(2nd team)
2001Nick Pantazi(2nd team)
2002Nick Pantazi(2nd team)
Michael Mariscalco(2nd team)
Grant Barrie(3rd team)
2004John Mariscalco(2nd team)
Scott Olsen(2nd team)
2006John DeVae(3rd team)
2007Frank Patano(3rd team)
2008Eduardo Garcia(2nd team)
Frank Patano(3rd team)
2009Matt Hedges(2nd team)
Kyle VondenBenken(2nd team)
Boris Gatzkey(3rd team)
2010Ben Sippola(1st team)
Matt Hedges(1st team)
Conner Burt(2nd team)
2016 David Goldsmith (2nd team)
2017 Eric Dick (1st team)

NSCAA/CoSIDA National All-Americans

1995Steve Weiger(2nd team)
1998Jeremy Aldrich(2nd team)
2002Michael Mariscalco(Academic 1st team)
2005Patrick Reilly(Academic 2nd team)
2006Paul Mongillo(Academic 2nd team)
2009Conner Burt(Academic 1st team)
2010Ben Sippola(1st team)
Conner Burt (Academic 1st team)
2013Brandon Fricke(Academic 1st team)

Conference Coach of the Year

1998Ian MartinMCC
2009Kelly FindleyHorizon
2010Kelly FindleyHorizon
2017 Paul Snape Big East
Notable Conference Awards
Steve WeigerHorizon League Player of the Year: 1995
Jeremy AldrichHorizon League Player of the Year: 1998
Julian CardonaHorizon League Newcomer of the Year: 2009
Ben SippolaHorizon League Player of the Year: 2010
Horizon League Offensive Player of the Year: 2010
Matt HedgesHorizon League Defensive Player of the Year: 2009, 2010
David Goldsmith Big East Rookie of the Year: 2013
Wilmer Cabrera Jr. Big East Freshman of the Year: 2019

First Team All-Conference

1990Scott Lawler
1991Scott Lawler
Jeff Moehlenkamp
1992Scott Lawler
1993Scott Weiger
1994Steve Weiger
1995Casey Sweeney
Steve Weiger
1996Jeremy Aldrich
1997Jeremy Aldrich
Stephen Armstrong
Craig Donaldson
Alan Placek
1998Jeremy Aldrich
Stephen Armstrong
Giancarlo Barraza
Craig Donaldson
1999Stephen Armstrong
David Beck
Bryan Foxworthy
2001Michael Mariscalco
Nick Pantazi
2002Michael Mariscalco
Nick Pantazi
2003Scott Olsen
2004Scott Olsen
Cory Edginton
John Mariscalco
2006John DeVae
2008Eduardo Garcia
Frank Patano
2009Boris Gatzky
Matt Hedges
Kyle VondenBenken
2010Ben Sippola
Matt Hedges
2011Austin Oldham
2013 Zach Steinberger
2015 Vincent Mitchell
2016 David Goldsmith
Jared Timmer
2017 Brandon Guhl
Lewis Suddick
Eric Dick


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