Buster Keaton filmography

These are the films of American actor, comedian, and filmmaker Buster Keaton.

Short films

Starring Roscoe Arbuckle, featuring Buster Keaton

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
April 23, 1917The Butcher BoyBuster
June 25, 1917The Rough HouseYesYesGardener / Delivery Boy / CopCo-directed and co-written by Roscoe Arbuckle
August 20, 1917His Wedding NightDelivery boy
September 30, 1917Oh Doctor!Junior Holepoke
October 29, 1917Coney IslandRival / Cop with mustache
December 10, 1917A Country HeroVaudeville artistNo copies are known to exist
January 20, 1918Out WestSheriff / Saloon owner
March 18, 1918The Bell BoyBellboy
May 13, 1918MoonshineRevenue agent
July 6, 1918Good Night, Nurse!Dr. Hampton / Woman with umbrella
September 15, 1918The CookWaiter
September 7, 1919Back StageStagehand
October 26, 1919The HayseedManager, general store
January 11, 1920The GarageMechanic / Fireman

Starring Buster Keaton

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
September 1, 1920One WeekYesYesThe groom
October 27, 1920Convict 13YesYesGolfer turned prisoner / Guard
December 22, 1920NeighborsYesYesThe boy
December 22, 1920The ScarecrowYesYesFarmhand
February 10, 1921The Haunted HouseYesYesBank clerk
March 14, 1921Hard LuckYesYesSuicidal boy
April 12, 1921The High SignYesYesOur hero
May 18, 1921The GoatYesYesBuster Keaton
October 6, 1921The PlayhouseYesYesAudience / Orchestra / Mr. Brown – First Minstrel / Second Minstrel / Interlocutors / Stagehand
November 10, 1921The BoatYesYesThe boat builder
January 1922The PalefaceYesYesLittle Chief Paleface
March 1922CopsYesYesThe young man
May 1922My Wife's RelationsYesYesThe husband
July 21, 1922The BlacksmithYesYesBlacksmith's assistant
August 28, 1922The Frozen NorthYesYesThe bad man
October 1922The Electric HouseYesYesBuster Keaton
November 1922DaydreamsYesYesThe young man
January 22, 1923The BalloonaticYesYesThe young man
March 1923The Love NestYesYesBuster Keaton

Starring Buster Keaton, for Educational Pictures

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
March 16, 1934The Gold GhostYesWally
May 25, 1934Allez OopYesElmer
January 11, 1935Palooka from PaducahJim Diltz
February 22, 1935One Run ElmerYesElmer
March 15, 1935Hayseed RomanceElmer Dolittle
May 3, 1935Tars and StripesYesApprentice seaman Elmer Doolittle
August 9, 1935The E-Flat ManElmer
October 25, 1935The Timid Young ManMilton
January 3, 1936Three on a LimbElmer Brown
February 21, 1936Grand Slam OperaYesYesElmer Butts
August 21, 1936Blue BlazesYesElmer
October 9, 1936The ChemistElmer Triple
November 20, 1936Mixed MagicYesElmer "Happy" Butterworth
January 8, 1937Jail BaitOffice Boy
February 12, 1937DittoThe forgotten man
March 26, 1937Love Nest on WheelsYesElmer

Starring Buster Keaton, for Columbia Pictures

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
June 16, 1939Pest from the WestYesSir
August 11, 1939Mooching Through GeorgiaYesHomer Cobb
January 19, 1940Nothing But PleasureClarence Plunkett
March 22, 1940Pardon My Berth MarksElmer – Newspaper Copyboy
June 28, 1940The Taming of the SnoodBuster Keaton
September 20, 1940The Spook SpeaksBuster
December 13, 1940His Ex Marks the SpotBuster – the husband
February 21, 1941So You Won't SquawkEddie
September 18, 1941General NuisancePeter Lamar – Jr.
November 20, 1941She's Oil MineBuster Waters, plumber

Starring Buster Keaton, for independent producers

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
October 15, 1952Paradise for BusterBuster
January 8, 1965FilmThe man
October 2, 1965The RailrodderThe man
January 8, 1966The ScribeJournalist

Feature films

Starring Buster Keaton for Metro Pictures

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
October 18, 1920The SapheadYesBertie 'The Lamb' Van Alstyne

Starring Buster Keaton under Buster Keaton Productions

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
September 24, 1923Three AgesYesThe BoyCo-directed with Edward F. Cline
November 19, 1923Our HospitalityYesWillie McKayCo-directed with John G. Blystone
May 11, 1924Sherlock Jr.YesProjectionist / Sherlock Jr.
October 13, 1924The NavigatorYesRollo TreadwayCo-directed with Donald Crisp
March 15, 1925Seven ChancesYesJames Shannon
November 1, 1925Go WestYesYesFriendless
September 19, 1926Battling ButlerYesAlfred 'Battling' Butler
February 24, 1927The GeneralYesYesJohnnie GrayCo-written and directed with Clyde Bruckman
November 1927CollegeYesRonaldCo-directed with James W. Horne
May 20, 1928Steamboat Bill, Jr.YesWilliam Canfield Jr.Co-directed with Charles Reisner

Starring Buster Keaton for Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
September 22, 1928The CameramanYesBusterCo-directed with Edward Sedgwick
April 6, 1929Spite MarriageYesElmer GantryCo-directed with Edward Sedgwick
March 22, 1930Free and EasyElmer
July 7, 1930EstrelladosCanuto CuadratinSpanish language version of Free and Easy
August 30, 1930DoughboysElmer
January 23, 1931De frente...marchenCanuto de la MonteraSpanish language version of Doughboys
February 28, 1931Parlor, Bedroom and BathReginald Irving
September 26, 1931Sidewalks of New YorkHarmon
October 19, 1931Casanova wider WillenReggie IrvingGerman language version of Parlor, Bedroom and Bath
February 6, 1932The Passionate PlumberElmer E. Tuttle
August 13, 1932Speak EasilyProfessor Post
December 30, 1932Le plombier amoureuxElmer TuttleFrench language version of The Passionate Plumber
February 10, 1933What! No Beer?Elmer J. Butts

Starring Buster Keaton for independent film companies

Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
December 11, 1934Le Roi des Champs-ÉlyséesBuster Garner / Jim le Balafré
January 2, 1936The InvaderLeander Proudfoot
August 2, 1946El Moderno Barba AzulGI / PrisonerAlso known as A Modern Bluebeard and Boom in the Moon
October 30, 1965Buster Keaton Rides AgainHimselfDocumentary about the making of The Railrodder
Release dateTitleCredited asNotes
October 10, 1920The Round-UpIndianUncredited
December 23, 1928Brotherly LoveBarberUncredited
April 23, 1929Tide of EmpireDrunk thrown out of barUncredited
June 20, 1929The Hollywood Revue of 1929Himself / Princess Raja
Unreleased, scheduled for September 1930The March of TimeCaveman
April 4, 1931The Stolen JoolsPoliceman
December 7, 1935La Fiesta de Santa BarbaraHimself
October 13, 1939Hollywood CavalcadeHimself
July 19, 1940New MoonPrisoner – 'LuLu'
October 11, 1940The Villain Still Pursued HerWilliam Dalton
November 1, 1940Li'l AbnerLonesome Polecat
March 26, 1943Forever and a DayWilkins
September 29, 1944San Diego, I Love YouBus Driver
June 1, 1945That's the SpiritL.M.
September 28, 1945That Night with YouSam
November 4, 1945She Went to the RacesBellboy
March 15, 1946God's CountryMr. Boone aka Old Tarp
July 25, 1946Easy to WedYesYesUncredited
April 13, 1949Take Me Out to the Ball GameYesUncredited
May 11, 1949The Lovable CheatGoulard
July 29, 1949In the Good Old SummertimeYesYesHickey
August 1949You're My EverythingButler
August 10, 1950Sunset BoulevardHimself
October 23, 1952LimelightCalvero's Partner
June 14, 1953The Enchanting EnemyBuster
October 17, 1956Around the World in 80 DaysTrain Conductor – San Francisco to Fort Kearney
August 3, 1960The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnLion Tamer
November 7, 1963It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldJimmy the Crook
November 11, 1964Pajama PartyChief Rotten Eagle
April 14, 1965Beach Blanket BingoBuster
July 14, 1965How to Stuff a Wild BikiniBwana
August 18, 1965Sergeant DeadheadAirman Blinken
December 2, 1965War Italian StyleGeneral von Kassler
October 16, 1966A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumErronius(final film role)

Television appearances (Incomplete)


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