Busiri Vici

Busiri Vici (7 January 1818 - 12 November 1911), was issued from a long-flourishing dynasty of French-Italian architects formed by the union of the French Beausire family with the Vici family of Arcevia.

The progenitor of the French side of the dynasty was Jean Beausire (1651-1743), whose descendants thrived as architects under the Ancien Régime. On the Italian side, Andrea Vici (1743-1817) was a second generation architect who gained regard for his work under Luigi Vanvitelli on the Palace of Caserta and later gained Vatican patronage. Andrea's daughter Barbara Vici married Beaurire's descendant Giulio Cesare Busiri (1792-1818) in 1815, joining the two families as Busiri Vici.

Famous members of the family include Clemente Busiri Vici (1887-1965), who designed churches for Pope Pius XI such Gran Madre di Dio and San Roberto Bellarmino, both in Rome. Clemente's brother Michele Busiri Vici (1894-1981) worked on Costa Smeralda. Another brother, Andrea Busiri Vici (1903-1989) was a famous architect, art critic and scholar who worked with his brother Clemente on San Roberto Bellarmino.

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