Burra Creek (South Australia)

Burra Creek is a stream in South Australia rising in the northern Mount Lofty Ranges, flowing generally southwards and eastwards to join the River Murray at Morgan.[1]

Course and features

The stream rises near Hallett in the northern Mount Lofty Ranges and flows generally southwards through the township of Burra to the Burra Gorge near Worlds End at which point the course changes to flow generally eastwards. The course then passes through very sparsely-populated pastoral lands including the Burra Creek Plain (in the vicinity of the historic locality of Maude) before meeting the River Murray about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) upstream from the Morgan ferry crossing.

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  1. "Placename Details: Burra Creek", Property Location Browser, Government of South Australia, 5 July 2010, SA0011188, Other Details: Talbot's Book pg 127 indicates that the creek was named by Mr Coolus who was employed by Mr Stein and that the Native name for Burra Creek is Kooringa.

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