Burning Star Core

Burning Star Core is the experimental music project of violinist C. Spencer Yeh. Originally conceived 1993 in Cincinnati, the project is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Composing music that's driven by his violin, Yeh's Burning Star Core project is known for its unique blend of musique concrète, ambient, drone, and psychedelic music. His albums A Brighter Summer Day (2002), Blood Lightning 2007 (2007), Operator Dead... Post Abandoned (2007) and Challenger (2008) received favorable write-ups from critics.[1]

Burning Star Core
Also known asBxC
OriginCincinnati, Ohio, United States
GenresDrone, noise, ambient
Years active1993–present
Associated actsBeret!, Cetus
MembersC. Spencer Yeh


Burning Star Core was founded C. Spencer Yeh in 1993. The idea for the project arose from Yeh's desire to produce music that broke barriers and challenged traditional perceptions of music.[2] He began releasing his music on his own Drone Disco label via cassette and CDr. In 2002, Burning Star Core released A Brighter Summer Day, marking the first time the project received wider distribution. The Very Heart of the World followed in 2006, with Zach Baron of Pitchfork Media saying "Yeh can play, but he also doesn't mind mucking up the works with the wet noise, gibberish talk, and free percussion that gives The Very Heart of the World its elevation-of-everyday-life punch."[3] 2007's Operator Dead... Post Abandoned was favorably compared to other experimental rock bands such as Soft Machine and Rake.[4]



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