Burnie Gift

The Burnie Gift is a professional footrace held in Burnie, Tasmania, traditionally on New Year's Day.[2]

First run in 1885, the race is conducted by the Tasmanian Athletic League in conjunction with the Burnie Athletic Club. The race is held on a grass track at West Park Oval in Burnie. A sprint event, the Burnie Gift is conducted over the traditional 'Gift' distance of 120 metres. Prior to 1973 the distance was 130 yards. The Women's Gift was introduced in 1995, although was known for the first few years as the Women's 120m Handicap.[3]

Athletes are allocated handicaps with a range from scratch (running the full 120 metres) to the current limit of 12.00 metres. An athlete off 12.00m would run 108 metres. Most athletes (and winners) run from a handicap between 5.0m and 10.0m, thereby covering anywhere from 115m to 110m. Handicaps are assigned by a panel based on an assessment of each athlete’s track performances.[4] Athletes are separated by lane ropes as opposed to painted lanes on synthetic tracks. The finish line is a finishing gate that each athlete must run through to record a time.

The Burnie Carnival is the premier running carnival in Tasmania and is considered one of the 'big three' professional Gifts in Australia along with Victoria's Stawell Gift and the Bay Sheffield in South Australia. Along with the feature event, the Burnie carnival includes races over 90m, 400m and 1600m. The Burnie carnival is one of three Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals conducted over a seven-day period from 26 December to January 1. The other carnivals are held at Latrobe and Devonport.

Dean Capobianco (1991) was the first athlete to win the race off scratch (running the full 120 metres). Joshua Ross (2004 and 2007) is the only man to have won the Gift twice off the scratch mark. Capobianco and Ross are the only national 100m champions to have won the Gift.


YearMen's Burnie GiftWomen's Burnie Gift
2019 Ash Moloney QLD[5] Bec Kovacic TAS[6]
2018Daniel Reeves TASKiani Allen TAS[7]
2017Jorden Englund TASMorgan Gaffney TAS[8]
2016John Howe TASLilly Castle TAS[9]
2015Simon Fitzpatrick VICKimberley Geelan TAS[10]
2014Adam Coote VICCara Boustead VIC[11]
2013Jacob Despard TASMorgan Gaffney TAS[12]
2012Brendan Cole ACTLaura-Jane Hilditch VIC[13]
2011Robbie James SAMorgan Gaffney TAS[14]
2010Ollie Wurm VICSandy Loring TAS[15]
2009Clay Watkins SAAlicia Wrench-Doody SA[16]
2008Duncan Tippins SAOlivia Mills TAS[16]
2007Joshua Ross NSWMelissa Kay TAS[17]
2006Cameron Yorke WAKatie Moore VIC[18]
2005Luke Whitney TASMegan Hines NSW[16]
2004Joshua Ross NSWMadelin Poke TAS[16]
2003Carnival abandoned due to rain
2002Darren Rogers WAAnne-Marie Mouri-Nkeng CAMEROON[16]
2001Craig Brown VICTamika Johnston TAS[16]
2000Matt Stevenson TASMelissa Kay TAS[16]
1999Simon Bresnehan TASEmma Marshall TAS[16]
1998Shaun Turale TASKasey Kuusisalo TAS[19]
1997Paul Pearce VICEmma Marshall TAS[16]
1996David Downie TASLauren Hewitt VIC[16]
1995Paul Slupecki VICDonna Collins NSW[3]
1994Shane Hearn WA
1993Simon Bresnehan TAS
1992Todd Ireland VIC
1991Dean Capobianco WA
1990Robert Kirsopp VIC
1989John Riggs TAS
1988Anthony Grima VIC
1987Frank Corsello VIC
1986Mark Hipworth VIC
1985Wayne Johncock TAS
1984Gary Wescombe TAS
1983Lee Berwick TAS
1982Michael Geary TAS
1981Neil King VIC
1980Gary French TAS
1979Ian Hagger VIC
1978Gary Wescombe TAS
1977Steve Roach TAS
1976Kevin Portch NSW
1975Gerard Thompson TAS
1974John Mowat VIC
1973Max Seymour TAS
1972Ralph Heffernan TAS
1971Barry Poulter NSW
1970Kerry Badcock TAS
1968Phillip Lincoln TAS


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