Bugle and trumpet calls of the Mexican Armed Forces

The Mexican Armed Forces have a number of bugle and trumpet calls for the different branches. Drums and bugles are used to signal the various calls for most units of the Army, Navy and Air Force while the cavalry trumpet is used to signal calls for the cavalry units of the Army, Army artillery units and the Air Force. Many of the calls and signals listed below are also used by civilian drum and bugle bands.

All-forces calls

  • Attention - signals the unit to stand at attention, also signals the end of flag raising and lowering
  • At Ease
  • Slope Arms - signals the unit to slope arms
  • Present Arms - signals the unit to present arms
  • Order Arms - signals the unit to order arms
  • Port Arms
  • Sling Arms
  • Unsling Arms
  • Ground Arms
  • Fix Bayonets
  • Remove Bayonets
  • Drumbeat pace/Marchpast pace
  • Accelerated/double pace
  • Honor March (Marcha de Honor) - performed in the presence of the President of Mexico and the National Defense Secretary/Assistant Secretary. It is played to accompany the National Anthem of Mexico or played as a stand-alone march
  • Salute to the Flag (Toque de Bandera) - performed during flag raising and lowering ceremonies and marches of honor commemorating the Flag of Mexico. Like the Marcha de Honor, played to the accompaniment of the National Anthem of Mexico or as a stand-alone march.
  • NCO's and Enlisted Arrival - Signals the arrival of NCO's and enlisted personnel
  • Officers Arrival - Signals the arrival of officers
  • Arrival of Honor - Signals the arrival of the guest of honor
  • Bands/Musicians Arrival - Signals the arrival of the military band
  • Buglers Arrival - Played by the drums and bugles to signal their arrival

Branch calls

Mexican Army

The Mexican Army uses 129 bugle calls. Most are played by drummers and buglers in the infantry bands and the engineers. The remainders are played by trumpeters of the cavalry and artillery.

Infantry calls

  • Alarm
  • Infantry
  • Column
  • Sections/Squads
  • Companies
  • Battalion
  • Cease Firing
  • Lines
  • Listing
  • Reunion
  • Regiment
  • Platoons
  • Medic

Cavalry and armored branch calls

  • Marcha Dragona (Dragoons March)
  • Regiment
  • Veterinarian visit
  • Charge
  • At the Gallop
  • Shoulder, Saber
  • Order Saber
  • Cavalry
  • Squadrons
  • Troops
  • Platoon
  • Water
  • At the Trot
  • Walk March
  • Start Engine
  • Mount
  • Dismount

Artillery calls

  • Battery
  • Artillery
  • Gunners
  • Center
  • Counter March
  • Close cannon
  • Close Mounting
  • Carriages Column
  • Discharge
  • Distance
  • Battery Fire
  • On Batteries
  • On Discharge
  • Dismount from vehicles
  • Mount vehicles
  • Intervals
  • Lines
  • Lines of Columns
  • Artillery March
  • Auxiliaries' Arrival
  • Groups
  • Start Engines

Mexican Navy

Drum and bugle calls are always performed by the Mexican Navy's drum and bugle bands, whether aboard ships or on land.

  • Ship Batteries
  • Flotilla
  • Marines on board
  • Sailors on board
  • Fleet
  • Squadron
  • Flag Officers' arrival
  • Gun Salute
  • Ship Companies
  • Naval Artillery
  • Battle Stations

Mexican Air Force

Drum and bugle calls of the Mexican Air Force are used on the ground on airbases.

  • Group
  • Wing
  • Squadron
  • Medic
  • Flight

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