Buffalo Blizzard

You may be looking for Lake Storm "Aphid" or the Great Lakes Blizzard of 1977.
Buffalo Blizzard
ArenaThe Aud & HSBC Arena
Based inBuffalo, New York
Colorsblue, purple, black, and white


The team was originally owned by the Knox brothers who owned the Buffalo Sabres at the time, and additionally by the Riches who owned the minor league baseball Buffalo Bisons. During their last five years of existence, the team was owned by John Bellanti who had previously owned the Buffalo Stallions of the original Major Indoor Soccer League.

The team's attendance was always in the top five of the league until its last season, and they had their record high attendance year in 1993–1994 season with an average attendance of 8,435 fans. The major stars of the team were the Pikuzinski brothers, Rudy and Randy, who rank sixth and ninth on the all-time points list. The team colors were blue, purple, black, and white, and the team mascot was a dog Spyke who rode a four-wheeler. The team never won a playoff series.

The NPSL ceased operation in 2001 and several of its remaining teams formed the Major Indoor Soccer League, but the Blizzard declined to participate and folded at that time.

Year-by-year record

1992–93402317570503.5753rd AmerLost Quarterfinals
1993–94401921499515.4753rd AmerLost 1st Round
1994–95402020579552.5004th AmerLost 1st Round
1995–96402119562586.5254th AmerLost Division Semifinals
1996–97402119545469.5251st NorthLost Conference Semifinals
1997–98402119495504.5251st NorthLost Conference Semifinals
1998–99402218430510.5502nd NorthLost Conference Semifinals
1999-00441925495617.4323rd CentDid not qualify
2000–01402218513464.5502nd AmerLost Quarterfinals


1992–1994: Trevor Dawkins
1994–1996: Jim May
1996–1997: George Fernandez
1997–1998: Carlos Salguero
1998–1999: Jim May
1999–2001: Paul Kitson

Year by year average game attendance

  • 1992/93: 7,068
  • 1993/94: 8,435
  • 1994/95: 7,283
  • 1995/96: 6,364
  • 1996/97: 7,974
  • 1997/98: 7,834
  • 1998/99: 7,068
  • 1999/00: 6,587
  • 2000/01: 4,635

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