Buffalo Bisons (IHL)

The Buffalo Bisons were a professional ice hockey team representing Buffalo, New York, although they played home games in nearby Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, at the 5,000-seat Peace Bridge Arena.

Buffalo Bisons
CityFort Erie, Ontario, Canada
LeagueInternational Hockey League
Home arenaPeace Bridge Arena
Regular season titles2:(1930–31, 1931–32)
Playoff championships2: (1931–32, 1932–33)


The Bisons were founded in the Canadian Professional Hockey League for the 1928–29 season. The Bisons transferred to the International Hockey League for the next season. Buffalo were IHL league champions in 1931–32 and 1932–33, winning the F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy.

On March 17, 1936, the Bisons lost their home arena due to damage caused by thirteen inches of wet snow deposited by an early Spring storm. The arena (only eight years old at the time) was designed with a "Lamella Trussless" roof to improve indoor sightlines, and reduce support frames obstructing the view. The structure proved to be too weak and collapsed under the weight of the snow. The Bisons played the remainder of the 1935–36 season on the road.

The Bisons joined the International-American Hockey League for the 1936–37 season. The team started the season playing in an arena in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It soon became clear that they wouldn't be able to make a profit and pay players' salaries from ticket sales in the smaller facility. The club permanently ceased operations on December 6, 1936, after playing just eleven games with a record of 3–8–0.

The original Bisons were replaced in 1940 when the Syracuse Stars relocated to Buffalo, becoming the new Bisons team, after the construction of Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on the American side of the border. The new Bisons played from 1940 to 1970, when the current Buffalo Sabres were founded.

Season-by-season results

Regular season

1928–2942171874189725th, CPHL
1929–30422612456102672nd, IHL
1930–31483013565115761st, IHL
1931–32482514959106801st, IHL
1932–33442612658128702nd, IHL
1933–34442013115190662nd, IHL
1934–354420186401131003rd, IHL
1935–364822206501091012nd, IHL

Points not awarded for tied games during 1934–35 International Hockey League season.


Season1st round2nd roundFinals
1928–29Out of playoffs
1929–30W, 2-1, DetroitL, 1-3, Cleveland
1930–312nd place in double round robin.
1931–321st place in double round robin. Champions
1932–331st place in double round robin. Champions
1933–343rd place in double round robin.
1934–35Out of playoffs
1935–36W, 3-1, ClevelandL, 1-2, Windsor
1936–37Did not complete season.

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