Buen Día, Ramón

Buen Día, Ramón (also titled Guten Tag, Ramón)[1] is a 2013 Mexican-German drama film directed by Jorge Ramírez Suárez and starring Kristyan Ferrer.[2][3]

Buen Día, Ramón
Directed byJorge Ramírez Suárez
Produced byJorge Ramírez Suárez
Written byJorge Ramírez Suárez
Music byRodrigo Flores López
CinematographyCarlos Hidalgo
Edited bySam Baixauli
Sonia Sánchez Carrasco
Jorge Ramírez Suárez
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release date
October 21, 2013
Running time
120 minutes


It is the story of a young Mexican called Ramon who lives in a small village in Durango, Mexico. Because of the lack of opportunities and the threats from the narcos in his village, Ramon had tried to migrate to the USA five times, but he never got in and always got deported. So, one friend tells him to go to Wiesbaden, Germany, where he had an aunt who had married a German guy and would help him for sure. Ramon heard the advice of his friend and invested all his money in the flight to Germany. But he would be surprised, the aunt of his friend was not there anymore. Ramon had to live on the streets, asking the passersby to give him some money or something to eat. Some people, like a woman who worked in the grocery store and an old woman who had seen him asking for money on the streets (Ruth) started to know Ramon and helped him, when his bag got stolen in the train station, gave him a jacket and at the end, Ruth adopted him and gave him a place to eat and a job to do. They became very good friends even though they did not speak the same language. Ramon even became a good helper for all the neighbours in Ruth's building. But one day, Ramon was missing. Ruth and another man of the building searched him all over the city and asked the police if they had seen him, but they told them, Ramon had been deported and sent back to Mexico. Ramon met all his family and his friends and told them how good was his life in Germany. Later, after a few days, Ramon got a phone call and it was Ruth, giving him the news that she had sent him almost a million pesos from Germany.



The film has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[4]


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