Buckingham River

Buckingham River is a river in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Location of the Buckingham River mouth in the Northern Territory
TerritoryNorthern Territory
Physical characteristics
SourceMitchell Ranges
  locationArnhem Land, Australia
  elevation75 m (246 ft)
MouthBuckingham Bay
12°19′41″S 135°43′46″E
0 m (0 ft)
Length59 km (37 mi)
Basin size7,510 km2 (2,900 sq mi)
  average73.8 m3/s (2,610 cu ft/s)

The headwaters of the river are on the northern edge on the eastern side of the Mitchell Ranges near where the Central Arnhem Road crosses the Range. The river flows in a northerly direction though uninhabited country until it discharges into Buckingham Bay and the Arafura Sea.

The estuary formed at the river mouth is tidal in nature and in near pristine condition.[2]

The catchment area of the river is 7,510 square kilometres (2,900 sq mi) and has an annual average discharge of 2,330 gigalitres (3.047524943×109 cu yd).[3]

The traditional owners of the area are the Murngin also known as the Yolngu peoples.[4] The Aboriginal community of Gapuwiyak still has supplies taken by barge up the river to be delivered. The community is 20 kilometres (12 mi) by road from the landing.[5]

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