Bryan Miki

He is a 2000 World Men's champion[1] and a 2000 Labatt Brier champion.

Bryan Miki
Curling clubRoyal City CC, New Westminster, BC
Member Association British Columbia
Brier appearances2 (1998, 2000)
World Championship
1 (2000)

Bryan Miki is a Canadian curler.

Miki coached British Columbia to a gold medal at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.[2]



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Personal life

Miki's father Fuji was the first ever curler of Japanese descent to play at the Brier in 1979.[4] and is a former Canadian Mixed Champion,[5] and is a former coach of the Japanese women's curling team.[6] Bryan Miki grew up in South Burnaby, British Columbia,[7] and currently lives in Port Coquitlam. His son Joshua also curls, and was a member of the 2019 gold medal winning team at the Canada Games.


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