Brunswick (1829 ship)

Brunswick was launched at Hull in 1829 as an East Indiaman. She sailed to India several times under a license from the British East India Company, but was wrecked in 1832.

United Kingdom
Name: Brunswick
Owner: Edward Gibson[1]
Builder: Edward Gibson, Hull[1]
Cost: £4,754 18s 3d[1]
Launched: 1829[1]
Notes: Hackman conflates this Brunswick with Brunswick.[2]
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 387,[3] or 388,[1] or 389 (bm)


Brunswick entered Lloyd's Register in 1829 with Rosendale, master, changing to A. Parker, E. Gibson, owner, and trade Hull–Calcutta.[3] Brunswick, A. Parker, master, sailed to Madras and Bombay on 21 April 1829.[4] On 2 December 1831 Brunswick,, J. Palmer, master, sailed to Bengal.[5]


Brunswick, Blewett, master, wrecked on 11 October 1832 in the River Hooghly. She was returning to London from Calcutta. She wrecked on Sagar Island, India with the loss of a crew member. She was on a voyage from Bengal, India to London.[6]

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