Brunswick (1814 ship)

Brunswick was launched at Hull and initially was a Greenland whaler. Her owner withdrew her from the Northern Whale Fishery in 1836 and then deployed her sailing to New York and Sierra Leone. She was apparently on a voyage to India when she was wrecked.

United Kingdom
Name: Brunswick
  • 1814:James Shrapnell Bowden & Benjamin Wright
  • 1824:James Bowden and William Wright
Builder: Thomas Steemson, Paull, Hull[1]
Launched: 7 February 1814[1]>
Fate: Wrecked c.1841
Notes: Hackman conflates this Brunswick with Brunswick.[1]
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 357,[2] or 357894[1] (bm)
Armament: 2 × 9-pounder guns + 10 × 9-pounder carronades


Brunswick first appeared in Lloyd's Register in 1814 with W. Blythe (or Blyth), master, Wright & Co., owner, and trade Hull–Davis Strait.[2]

Year Master Owner Trade Notes and source
1815 W. Blythe Wright & Co. Hull–Davis Strait Lloyd's Register (LR)
1820 W. Blythe Wright & Co. Hull–Davis Strait Repairs 1819; LR

Brunswick left the ice at the whale fishing grounds on 16 August 1822. She arrived at Hull on 18 September with 50 tons of oil. She reported that conditions on the fishing grounds were very bad. Seven ships had been sunk, several had been beset by ice, and the rest had not killed more than an average of four fish each.[3] Laetitia, Clark, master, arrived at Aberdeen and reported a more complete accounting of how many whales each vessel had take, and which were beset by ice. Brunswick's 50 tons came from four fish.[4]

Year Master Owner Trade Notes and source
1825 W. Blythe Wright & Co. Hull–Davis Strait Repairs 1821, 1822, 1823; LR
1830 J. Blyth Wright & Co. Hull–Davis Strait Repairs 1821, 1822, 1823; LR
1835 W. Blyth Wright & Co. Hull–Northern Fishery LR

In 1830 she brought back to Hull 89 tuns of whale oil from six wales. In 1831 she gathered 100 tuns from seven whales.[5] Wright & Co. withdrew Brunswick from whaling and put her into general trade.

Year Master Owner Trade Notes and source
1836 Smith Wright & Co. Hull–Quebec
Damage and small repairs in 1837; LR
1839 T.Porter Wright & Co. Hull–New York
Hull–Sierra Leone
Large repair 1839; LR
1840 T.Porter Wright & Co. Hull–Sierra Leone
Large repair 1839; LR
1841 T.Porter Wright & Co. London
Hull–East India
Large repair 1839; LR


The entry for Brunswick in Lloyd's Register for 1841 bears the annotation "Wrecked".[6]

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