Bruno Felix

Bruno Felix (born 8 August 1967 in Haarlem, The Netherlands) is a director and independent new media producer.

Bruno Felix
BornAugust 8, 1967
Haarlem, Netherlands


In 2000 he co-founded Submarine with Femke Wolting.[1] Submarine is an independent production studio and online network specialized in documentaries and new media productions. In the same year, he co-founded SubmarineChannel with Wolting.[2] As a producer, Felix has worked with renowned directors such as Douglas Gayeton,[3] Tommy Pallotta,[4] Peter Greenaway[5] and Thé Tjong-Khing.

Previously, he was responsible for the new media strategy of Dutch Public broadcaster VPRO, and Director of VPRO Digital, a media research department exploring the influence of digital technology on the production, distribution and use of media.[6]

He is known in the industry for developing games, films, and animation that differ from the mainstream with an eye for interactive on-line experiences.[3][7]



  • Rembrandt’s J’accuse
  • My Second Life
  • Kika & Bob[8]


  • It's the end of TV as we know it


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