Bruno Dallansky

Bruno Dallansky (19 September 1928 5 August 2008) was an Austrian actor who was best known for his roles on television and stage.

Bruno Dallansky
Born19 September 1928
Died5 August 2008 (aged 79)
Vienna, Austria

In addition to his film and stage appearances, Dallansky taught acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna from 1965 until 1990. He also headed the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich, Germany from 1979 until 1983.

Dallansky was married to actress Judith Holzmeister from 1955 until 1961 and the couple had one child. Dallansky and Holzmeister separated in 1961, but never divorced. Holzmeister died on 23 June 2008.[1] Dallansky died a few weeks later in Vienna (5 August 2008).



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