Brunello Rondi

Brunello Rondi (26 November 1924 – 7 November 1989) was a prolific Italian screen writer and film director best known for his frequent script collaborations with Federico Fellini.

Brunello Rondi
Born(1924-11-26)26 November 1924
Died7 November 1989(1989-11-07) (aged 64)
Rome, Italy
OccupationFilm director and script writer
Years active1947–1982

His brother, Gian Luigi Rondi, was an Italian film critic.


Noted chiefly as a script-writer and script consultant, Rondi began his film career with the script for 1947's Last Love for which he was also assistant director.[1]

He worked as assistant director as well as an uncredited writer on The Flowers of St. Francis (1950) by Roberto Rossellini and was a credited writer on Rossellini's Europa '51 (1952).[1]

He started to work with Federico Fellini as artistic director on La Strada (1954) and Nights of Cabiria (1957).[1] His most prized collaborations were on the film scripts of La Dolce Vita (1960), (1963), Juliet of the Spirits (1964), Orchestra Rehearsal (1978), and City of Women (1980), all co-written and directed by Fellini.

On the writing of La Dolce Vita, Rondi helped build up the character of Steiner, the intellectual who kills his wife and children.[2] As a Fellini intimate, Rondi also played a crucial role in the early stages of . In a letter dated October 1960, Fellini outlined his initial ideas to Rondi that were later developed into the screenplay with co-writers Ennio Flaiano and Tullio Pinelli.[3]

He made his directorial debut with Violent Life in 1961 based on the novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini.[1]

He died of a heart attack.[1]


Director and scriptwriter

  • Violent Life, co-directed with Paolo Heusch (1961)
  • Il demonio (1963)
  • Domani non siamo più qui (1967)
  • Run, Psycho, Run (1968)
  • Le tue mani sul mio corpo (1970)
  • Valeria dentro e fuori (1972)
  • Racconti proibiti... di niente vestiti (1972)
  • Ingrid sulla strada (1973)
  • Tecnica di un amore (1973)
  • Prigione di donne (1974)
  • Velluto nero (1976)
  • I prosseneti (1976)
  • La vocazione di Suor Teresa (1982)



  • Tecnica di un amore (1973)

Assistant director


  • Le ore dell'amore, directed by Luciano Salce (1963)
  • Colpo di stato, directed by Luciano Salce (1969)


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