Broughton High School, Edinburgh

Broughton High School is a secondary school located in the north of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2009, the building at Inverleith was replaced with a building funded by a public–private partnership.[2] The school is currently situated next to Inverleith Park, in the Stockbridge neighbourhood of Edinburgh but was formerly in Broughton, where the poet Hugh MacDiarmid was a pupil.

Broughton High School

MottoFortiter et Recte
Local authorityCity of Edinburgh Council
Staffapprox. 110
HousesNapier, Adam, Scott & Raeburn
Colour(s)White, black & red


The school was recently named in Tatlers list of top state schools.[3]

The school is home to a specialised music department: the City of Edinburgh Music School which nearly faced closure in 2018. Along with the music school Broughton has a specialist dance department.[4] Broughton is also one of seven schools in Scotland chosen by the Scottish Football Association to support talented young footballers with extra coaching. As of 2018, the dedicated coach for the young players at Broughton is former Hibernian player Keith Wright.[5]

The school's motto Fortiter et Recte is Latin for 'to have the strength to do the right thing'.

The Senior Leadership Team consists of the Headteacher (Mr J Wilson) and three Depute Headteachers (Mrs P Cumming, Mrs S Bennett and Miss L Stewart). The school also has a Director of Music (Mr T Morris) and a Business Manager (Mrs J Wallace).[6]

HMI(E) report

In the last report, issued in September 2011, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education concluded that areas of strength were the school's leadership, care and welfare and specialist provisions. It stated that development was required on areas such as overall achievement, expectations and consistency.[7]

In February 2014, the school received a follow-up report which concluded that improvements had been made. The report stated that S4-S6 attainment in 2013 was the highest within the last three years.[8]

Former pupils


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