Brossard-Chevrier Park and Ride

Brossard-Chevrier Park and Ride[1] is an Exo public transit (Exo) bus terminal with an incentive parking lot located in Brossard, Quebec, Canada.

LocationChevrier/Lapinière, Brossard,[1]
Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°27′28″N 73°26′34″W
Operated byMRTA
Bus operators
Parking2313 free park and ride spaces[1]
OpenedSeptember 8, 1998

It is served by bus 90 of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) and is located at 4700 rue Lapinière in the C section of Brossard at the crossing of rue Lapinière and the CN railway tracks. It connects to Autoroute 10 nearby via a reserved bus lane accessed through a tunnel.

Park-n-Ride service began on September 8, 1998. It has 1974 free parking spaces, 15 bike racks and 24 reserved handicapped parking spaces. Until April 7, 2008 service was restricted to Monday-Friday until 22:30. As of April 7, 2008 service has been extended to 01:00 and weekends. It can be accessed via exit 9 or 11 from Autoroute 10 and exit 10 from Autoroute 30.

Connecting bus routes

Express bus routes
No. Operator Description Schedule
90 RTL for Exo Direct 20-minute express trip to Terminus Centre-Ville in downtown Montreal RTL route 90 schedule

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