BrooklynVegan is a music blog founded in 2004 focusing primarily on music related news and events taking place in and around New York City.[1]

Type of site
Music blog
LaunchedAugust 2004 (2004-08)

BrooklynVegan began in 2004 as a blog that also covered vegan food options in Brooklyn, before the founder and editor in chief, simply known as Dave, shifted his focus to more exclusively documenting live music in the area.[2]

The blog is known for its efforts to expose upcoming artists, such as their installment in the Artist Discovery Series of blogs hosted by Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza,[3][4] and their program on Sirius-XM.[2] The blog also showcases artists at SXSW and at CMJ, an annual music festival in New York,[5] when in the summer of 2007 they invited the then self-released Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to play the Bowery Ballroom.[6]

In 2011 BrooklynVegan expanded its locale with two new blogs devoted to Austin and Chicago. In 2013, BrooklynVegan acquired Invisible Oranges, a long-running heavy metal blog.[7]


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