Brockley Jack Theatre

The Brockley Jack Theatre (also known as the Jack Studio Theatre) is an Off West End theatre in the Crofton Park area of Lewisham, south London. It shares a building with the Brockley Jack pub.

Brockley Jack Theatre
The Brockley Jack pub. Theatre entrance is on the right.
Address410 Brockley Road
London, SE4 2DH
United Kingdom[1]
Coordinates51.452527°N 0.038438°W / 51.452527; -0.038438
Public transit Crofton Park
TypeFringe theatre

The theatre was founded by David Kincaid, Michael Bottle and Peter Rocca; Kincaid and Bottle took the leads roles in its first production, of the Chekhov pieces On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco and Swansong.[5] It opened in 1992[4] and is a registered charity.[6]

The Brockley Jack Theatre's programming is a mix of established works and new writing, produced by in-house company Southside Arts[7] and by visiting theatre companies, plus comedy and music nights and regular work-in-progress "scratch" shows. It runs workshops to support new playwrights, hosts the Brockley Jack Film Club and produces an annual festival of new plays, Write Now, supported by Lewisham Council.[8]

The theatre's artistic director is Kate Bannister.[4] Mike Burnside was the initial artistic director[9] and Rhys Thomas held the post from 1996 to 1999.[10][11] The Brockley Jack Theatre's associate companies are OutFox and Bruce Farce; previous associate companies include The Faction Theatre Company.[12]


  • Mick Martin's play The Life and Times of Young Bob Scallion, which premiered at the Brockley Jack Theatre, won the TAPS/BAFTA Best New Play Award 1998.[13]
  • Kate Bannister and theatre manager Karl Swinyard won the Best Venue Directors category at the Fringe Report Awards 2011.[14][15]
  • Best Foodie Experience (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2011[16]
  • Most Welcoming Theatre (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2013[17]
  • Most Welcoming Theatre (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2014[18]


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