Broadway Brevities

Broadway Brevities are two-reel (17–21 minutes long) musical and dramatic film shorts produced by Warner Bros. between 1931 and 1943. The series continued as Warner Specials in later years.


Other titles used for these black and white two-reel films included “Vitaphone Musicals”, “Broadway Headliners”, “Presentation Revue” (for a couple 1938 releases[2]) and “Blue Ribbon Comedy” for a trio featuring Elsa Maxwell.[3] Usually the trade periodicals grouped them as “Broadway Brevities” for easier marketing purposes.

Many of these glossy productions, a few winning Academy Awards, featured dance spectaculars and mini-dramas with top Broadway theatre or Warner studio stars; famous names included Russ Columbo, Ruth Etting, Hal Le Roy, Bob Hope and Red Skelton. They were filmed at the Vitaphone studio in Brooklyn, New York until 1939, with Samuel Sax as a key producer. Production then moved to Burbank, California.

By the forties, an increasing number were of the documentary genre and the title “Broadway Brevity” was officially dropped in mid-1943 in favor of “Warner Special”. In 1948-1956, many were re-released to theaters under the heading “Classics of the Screen”.[4][5]

List of titles

A full list is provided below by year of release (but not necessarily the same year filmed). Title is listed first, followed by the major credits and a release date. Sometimes a date reviewed by Film Daily or a copyright date [6] is listed instead.


TitleDirector & performersReview date (Film Daily)Notes
Old LaceRoy Mack (director); Ruth EttingSeptember 20
The Musical MysteryJanet Reade, Al Shayne & the Albertina Rasch GirlsNovember 1
Words & MusicRoy Mack (director); Ruth Etting & Dan TompkinsNovember 8


TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateNotes
FootlightsBarbara Newberry, Russ Brown, the Giersdorf Sisters, the Buccaneers & the Albertina Rasch GirlsJanuary 2 (Film Daily review)
Hello, Good Times! (Cheer Up)Roy Mack (director); Al Wohlman, Johnny Boyle, Sharp & Minor, the Albertina Rasch GirlsJanuary 17
Washington, the Man and the CapitolClarence Whitehill, A. J. Herbert & othersFebruary 14 (Film Daily review)"Novelty" (part documentary)
The Imperfect LoverJack HaleyFebruary 14 (Film Daily review)
The Subway SymphonyFrances Langford, Charles Bennington, Joan Abbott & the Dave Gould GirlsMarch 6 (Film Daily review)
Sea LegsAlice Graham, Dorothea James, May Wynne, the David Gould Dancers & King, King & KingMarch 27 (Film Daily review)
Artistic Temperament (Artistic Temper)Roy Mack (director); Ruth Etting, Victor Kilian, Wilfred Lytell, Frank McNellis & Frances McHughApril
Absent Minded AbnerAlfred J. Goulding (director); Jack Haley, Olive Shea & Hugh CameronMay 15 (Film Daily review)
A Mail BrideRoy Mack (director); Ruth Etting, Gregory Gaye, Elvira Trabert & Max StammMay 29 (Film Daily review)
What an IdeaRoy Mack (director); Armand Cortes, Harriet Hilliard, the Danny Dare Sisters & Three Harmony MissesJune 11 (Film Daily review)
A Regular TrouperRoy Mack (director); Ruth Etting, Wanda Perry, Edward Leiter & Jack WolfeJune 25 (Film Daily review)
Passing the BuckRoy Mack (director); Alexander Gray, Nina Mae McKinney, Dorothy Dell, Victor Kilian, Ed Jerome, Will Vedery Girls & Four BlazersSeptember 24
Tip, Tap, ToeAlfred J. Goulding (director); Hal Le Roy, Mitzi Mayfair, Grace Bradley, Frank McNellis & Helen GoodhueOctober 22
A Modern CinderellaRoy Mack (director) Ruth Etting, Brian Donlevy, Adrian Rosley and Barbara ChildNovember 5Love Me or Leave Me (film) (Greatest Classic Legends Doris Day) DVD
The Red ShadowRoy Mack (director); Alexander Gray, Bernice Claire, Reg Carrington, Lester Cole Ensemble & Max StammDecember 3
Poor Little Rich BoyJoseph Henabery (director); Mary Lange, Charles Eaton, Harry McNaughton & Gale Sisters© December 24


TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateNotes
Bye-GonesAlfred J. Goulding (director); Ruth Etting, Frank McNellis, David Burns, Eddie Ryan, Ruth Pine's Tiny Tots & Embassy Boys© January 14
Yours SincerelyRoy Mack (director); Lanny Ross, Nancy Welford, Richard Keene & othersJanuary 28 (Film Daily review)Billy Rose's Jumbo (film) DVD
Speaking of OperationsRoy Mack (director) Richard Lane, Al Bernard, Gracie Barrie, Three X Sisters, Four Rollickers & Dave Gould Boys & Girls© February 16
World's ChampJoseph Henabery (director); Jack Dempsey, June Gale, Oscar Polk & David Burns© February 24
FifiRoy Mack (director); Vivienne Segal, Albert Dekker, William Ingersoll, Flavia Arcaro & Charles JudelsMarch 24 (Film Daily review)
The Way of All FreshmenJoseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy & Mitzi Mayfair, Cora Witherspoon, Ben Dova & the Admirals© April 18
Along Came RuthJoseph Henabery (director); Ruth Etting, Chester Chute, Charles Althoff & Sam WrenMay 3
Sky SymphonyRoy Mack (director); Stoopnagle and Budd, Lanny Ross, the Loomis Twins & the Abbott GirlsMay 19 (Film Daily review)
Pie a la ModeRoy Mack (director) Herbert Warren, Russ Brown, With the Loomis Sisters, Bernard Gorcey, Polly Walters & the Doree SingersMay 29 (Film Daily review)
Double Crossing of ColumbusJoseph Henabery (director); Charles Judels, Leona Maricle, Frank McNellis. Jack North, the Rollickers & MazellosJune 10 (Film Daily review)
That Goes DoubleJoseph Henabery (director); Russ Columbo, Charlotte Wynters, David Burns, Bernice & EmilyJune 24 (Film Daily review)
Crashing the GateJoseph Henabery (director); Ruth Etting; John Hamilton, Roy Atwell & the Tony Sarg Marionettes© July 1
20,000 Cheers for the Chain GangRoy Mack (director); Jerry Bergen, Harry Shannon, James Baskett, Novia & The Pickens SistersAugust 12I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang DVD
The No ManRoy Mack (director); Hugh O’Connell, Johnny Downs, Gene Lockhart & Kathleen Lockhart© August 14
Use Your ImaginationRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Mitzi Mayfair, the Eton Boys & others© September 2The Little Giant (Greatest Gangster Films Edward G. Robinson) DVD
Rufus Jones for PresidentRoy Mack (director); Ethel Waters, Sammy Davis, Jr.© September 9Billed as a “Vitaphone Musical”; available on Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD & The Green Pastures (film) DVD
Seasoned GreetingsRoy Mack (director); Lita Grey Chaplin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Carleton Macy, the Village Barn Hill Billys and the SizzlersSeptember 23The Gold Diggers of 1933 DVD
Paul Revere, Jr. Roy Mack (director); Gus Shy, Janet Reade, Kathleen Lockhart, Gene Lockhart, Bobby Watson, Almira Sessions & Shemp Howard© October 21Vitaphone Comedy Collection Vol. 1 (Warner Archive) DVD
The Operator's OperaRoy Mack (director); Donald Novis, The Eton Boys, Bobby Watson, Chester Chute, Grandon Rhodes & Dawn O’Day© October 22
Yeast Is YeastRoy Mack (director); Tom Patricola, Charlie Melson, Peggy Singleton (billed as Dorothy McNully) & the Royal Samoans© November 15
The Mild WestJoseph Henabery (director); Janet Reade, Olive Borden, Paul KeastNovember 18Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Let's Play Post OfficeRoy Mack (director); Jean Sargent, Eleanor Whitney, Josh Medders & 3 Roberts BrothersDecember
Kissing TimeRoy Mack (director); Jane Froman, George Metaxa, Ralph Sanford, Novia & Philip RyderDecember 16Lady Killer (1933 film) DVD
Plane CrazyRoy Mack (director); Dorothy Lee, Art & Morton Havel & others© December 23Picture Snatcher DVD


TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateNotes
A Little Girl with Big IdeasJoseph Henabery (director); Molly Picon, Jay Velie, Donald McBride, Joan Stevens & Toney Hughes© January 20
Picture PalaceRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Dawn O’Day, William Morrow & Toney HughesFebruary 10
Around the ClockRoy Mack (director); Norma Terris, Walter Winchell, Lynne Overman, the Four Eton Boys & Jay Brennan© February 14
Story ConferenceRoy Mack (director); Lillian Roth, Bert Matthews, William Halligan, Vicki Cummings, Grona & Bouvier, the Three Minutes & the SizzlersApril 7I'll Cry Tomorrow DVD
Look for the Silver LiningRoy Mack (director); Dorothy Stone, Stanley Smith, Gus Shy, Olin Howland & Gertrude Niesen© April 23
Come to DinnerRoy Mack (director); Flavia Arcaro, Hershel Magall, Margot Stevenson & Clinton Sundberg© April 24Dinner at Eight (film) (Greatest Classic Legends Jean Harlow) DVD
Private LessonsRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Dawn O’Day, Dorothy Dare, Dollie Arden & Marie FayMay 5
Masks and MemoriesRoy Mack (director); Lillian Roth, Queenie Smith, George Huston & Weldon HeyburnMay 12
Murder in Your EyesRoy Mack (director); Ann English, Inez Courtney, Lilyan Gordon & others© June 27
Darling EnemyRoy Mack (director); Gertrude Niesen, Weldon Heyburn, Earle Hampton, Ralph Sanford, Dudley Clements & Roscoe Ates© June 28
King for a DayRoy Mack (director); Bill Robinson, Ernest Whitman, Dewey Brown, Hattie Noel, Muriel Rahn & Dusty FletcherJune 30Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Who Is That Girl? Joseph Henabery (director); Bernice Claire, J. Harold Murray, the Morelli Singers, Pietro Gentili & Jack Good© July 6
The Song of the FlameJoseph Henabery (director); Ruth Etting, the Canova Family, Eddie Bruce, Gerald Kent and Arthur DonaldsonJuly 7
The Winnah!Roy Mack (director) Arthur Lake, Florence Lake, Dorothy DareJuly 21
The Policy GirlRoy Mack (director); Mitzi Mayfair, Donald Novis & Roscoe AtesAugust 11
No Contest! Joseph Henabery (director); Ruth Etting, George Lessey & Elmer BrownAugust 22 (preview)
Syncopated CityRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Dorothy Dare, Philip Loeb & the O'Connor SistersSeptember 1
Paree, PareeRoy Mack (director); Bob Hope & Dorothy StoneSeptember 8Silk Stockings (film) DVD
The Mysterious KissRoy Mack (director); Jeanne Aubert, Alfred Hesse, Ray Middleton, Weldon Heyburn & the SizzlersSeptember 26 (Film Daily review)
The Flame SongJoseph Henabery (director); Bernice Claire & J. Harold MurrayOctober 27
Soft Drinks and Sweet MusicRoy Mack (director); Georgie Price, Sylvia Froos, Billie Leonard, George Watts & othersNovember 30 (Film Daily review)
The Gem of the OceanRoy Mack (director); Jeanne Aubert, Ralph Riggs, Sheldon Leonard & Four Eton Boys© December 4Destination Tokyo DVD
Off the BeatJoseph Henabery (director); Morton Downey, Donald MacBride, Niella Goodelle & the Tune Twisters© December 15
What This Country NeedsRoy Mack (director); Nick Lucas, Dorothy Nelson, June & Cherry Preisser, Janet Reade & David Burns© December 24


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
See See Senorita (Spain in the Neck)Joseph Henabery (director); Tito Guízar, Armida, Roscoe Ails, Virginia Sale & the Cansinos© February 9
Mr. and Mrs. MelodyRoy Mack (director); Ilomay Bailey, Lee Sims, Jerry Lester, June Martel & Rita Johnson© March 12
In the SpotlightJoseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy, Dorothy Lee, Herb Warren and Bob SimmonsMarch 30
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!Roy Mack (director) The Yacht Club Boys, Vera Van & Marie Nordstrom© April 1
Cherchez La FemmeJoseph Henabery (director); Jeanne Aubert, Stanley Smith & DeEspeys Troupe© April 1
Radio SillyRoy Mack (director); Alan Cross, Henry Dunn, Lilyan Gordon, Billie Leonard & Dudley Clements© April 8
Shoestring FolliesRoy Mack (director); Val & Ernie Anderson, Eddie Peabody, Peggy Flynn & Sam Hearn© April 8
In This CornerRoy Mack (director); Roscoe Ails, Budd Williamson, David Burns, Alice Dwan & Mark PlantApril 27
Main Street FolliesJoseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy, Mary Joan Martin, Billy Vine & the CavaliersMay 11
The Love DepartmentRoy Mack (director); Bernice Claire, Billie Leonard & Donald DouglasMay 18
Better than GoldJoseph Henabery (director); Fifi D'Orsay, George Watts, Herb Warren & the TroubadorsJune 8
The Film FolliesRoy Mack (director)June 29
Singing SilhouetteJoseph Henabery (director); Olga Baclanova, Herb Warren, Charles Lawrence, the Mainstreamers, Lee Twins, Rio & Elliott© July 6
Cure It with MusicJoseph Henabery (director); Fifi D'Orsay, Eddie Ryan, the Chevaliers, Moore & Revel© July 15
The Castle of DreamsRoy Mack (director); Morton Downey, Arlene Dinitz, Eddie Ryan & Toto© July 15
Fifty Dollar BillRoy Mack (director); George Watts, Eleanor Whitney & Jack Powell© July 26
Surprise!Roy Mack (director); the Duncan Sisters, Jay Seiler & Wen Talbert SingersJuly 27Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Vitaphone Music HallRoy Mack (director); Seven Honey Boys, Four Mullen Sisters, the Radio Rubes, Ray Huling & his pet sealAugust 7 (preview)
The Lady in BlackJoseph Henabery (director); Countess Olga Albani, Mortimer Welson, Albert Dekker & Margaret IrvingAugust 17
Dublin in BrassJoseph Henabery (director); Morton Downey, Andea Marsh & Hugh CameronSeptember 7
Oh, Evaline!Roy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Eleanor Whitney, Allen Goode & Ralph BlaneSeptember 14
The Doorman's OperaRoy Mack (director); Charlotte Arren, Johnny Broderick, Thelma Leeds & Ray HeathertonSeptember 28
Tickets, PleaseRoy Mack (director); Georgie Price, Evelyn Dall, Thee Sizzlers, Byrnes & FarneyOctober 12
Check Your SombreroRoy Mack (director), Armida, Tito Coral & othersNovember 2
Rooftops of ManhattanJoseph Henabery (director); Gil Lamb, Bob Burns, Deane Janis & Beverly PhalonNovember 16Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Katz PajamasJoseph Henabery (director); Fifi D'Orsay, the Meadowbrook Boys & Georgie TappsDecember 4
Broadway BallyhooRoy Mack (director); Owen, Hunt & Parco, the Eight Ambassadors, Art FrankDecember 28


TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateNotes
Double or NothingJoseph Henabery (director); Phil Harris, Leah Ray, Vickie Joyce & Harry TylerJanuary 18Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film
Trouble in ToylandJoseph Henabery; Gus Edwards & Troop© January 27
They're OffLloyd French (director); Yacht Club Boys, Richard Lane & Gerald Oliver Smith© February 3
Between the LinesRoy Mack (director); Bernice Claire, Rodney McLennan, Arline & Ed Kinlay, George Dobbs & the CommandersFebruary 8
Study and UnderstudyRoy Mack (director); Ruth & Jane Frazee, Virginia Verrill, Danzi Goodelle & June Carr© February 17
Wash Your StepJoseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy, June and Cherry Preisser, the Eton Boys, Nanette Flack & Harry LangMarch 7
Paris in New YorkRoy Mack (director); Irène Bordoni, Pansy Sanborn, Ames & Arms, Will Aubrey & Frank MazzoneMarch 21
The Black NetworkRoy Mack (director); Nina Mae McKinney & Nicholas BrothersApril 1 (preview)Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) & Hallelujah! (film) DVD
College DadsRoy Mack (director); Leon Janney, Edith Mann, Bobby Lane, Dudley Clements & the Columbia Glee Club.April 11
The Double CrosskyJoseph Henabery (director); Olga Baclanova, Wilbur Hall, Gretchen Kimmel & Ray LeeApril 18
The Stars Can't Be WrongRoy Mack (director); O'Connell & Blair, Emerson's Mountaineers, Dorothy Lamour & others© April 20
I'm Much ObligedRoy Mack (director); George Dobbs, Irene MacLaren, Vera Van; the Heat Waves & othersMay 2
Romance in the AirMurray Roth (director); music: Howard Jackson; Wini Shaw & Phil ReganMay 16
The City's SlickerRufe Davis, Radio Rubes, Dawn O’Day & Jay SeilerMay 20
Maid for a DayJoseph Henabery (director); Grace & Peter Hayes, the Ritz Quartette, Marvin Jensen, Don Lee & LouiseMay 23
When You're SingleRoy Mack (director); Alan Cross, Henry Dunn, Melissa Mason, Rosalind Marquis & Bonnie ClareMay 27 (Film Daily review)
RhythmitisRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Toby Wing, Barry McKinley, Gail Reese, Frances Hunt, Rollo Pickets & Hugh CameronJune 13The Petrified Forest DVD
That's PicturesRoy Mack (director); Jay C. Flippen, Elizabeth Houston, Dan Harden, Adrienne Andre, Mildred Law, the Clark Sisters & Nick SettAugust 14 (Film Daily review)
The Backyard BroadcastJoseph Henabery; Major Edward BowesAugust 14 (preview)
Shake, Mr. ShakespeareRoy Mack (director); Carolyn Hash, the Harris TwinsAugust 22A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935 film) DVD
Rush Hour RhapsodyJoseph Henabery (director); Johnny Hale, Jean Sargent, Billy Reed & othersSeptember 16 (Film Daily review)
Here Comes the CircusRoy Mack (director); Carlo's Ponies, Randow Clowns, Poodles Hanneford & Co., Captain Proske's Lions & TigersOctober 3
Say It with CandyVirginia Verrill, Muriel Martin, John Fogarty, the Buccaneers & the RobinsOctober 3
Sheik to SheikRoy Mack (director); George Metaxa & Ann BarrieOctober 10Shall We Dance (1937 film) (Greatest Classic Films Astaire & Rogers 1) DVD
Can't Think of ItLloyd French (director); Ken Murray & Oswald, Elaine Arden, Ralph Sanford & Curtis KarpeOctober 30 (Film Daily review)
Sweethearts and FlowersRoy Mack (director); Cherry & June Preisser, Regis Toomey & others© December 9


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
A Horse's TaleLloyd French (director); Joe & Asbestos, Harry Gribbon, Hamtree Harrington, Eddie White, Donald MacBride & June NashJanuary 9
The Pretty PretenderJoseph Henabery (director); Bernice Claire, Adrina Otero, Nina Olivette, Stanley Smith & Byrne SistersJanuary 23
Captain Blue BloodRoy Mack (director); Georgie Price, Nell O’Day, Ruth & Jane FrazeeFebruary 13
It's All Over NowRoy Mack (director); Dan Healy, Brooks Benedict, Vera Niva & Evelyn Poe© February 18
Swing for SaleJoseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy, June Allyson & Kay HamiltonFebruary 27
Hotel a la SwingRoy Mack (director); Eddie Foy, Jr. & The Mullen SistersMarch 13Swing Time (1936 film) (Greatest Classic Films Astaire & Rogers 1) DVD
Play StreetJoseph Henabery (director); Cherry & June Preisser, Duke McHale, Walter Cassel, Verdi & SeeApril 3
Cut Out for LoveJoseph Henabery (director); Dorothy Dare, Donald Novis, June Taylor, Jack Seymour & Don GautierApril 3
Mail and FemaleKen Murray & Oswald, Beverly Phaln, Elaine Arden & Florence Auer© May 3
Movie-ManiaJoseph Henabery (director); Dave Apollon, Yvonne Moray & the Savoy DancersMay 8
Sound DefectsRoy Mack (director); Rufe Davis, Irene Delroy, Rodney McLennan, Ruth & Jane FrazeeJune 5
The Rhythm RoundupJoseph Henabery (director); Estelle TaylorJune 19
Newsboys NocturneRoy Mack (director); Evelyn Poe, Tommy Rafferty, Billy & Beverly Bemis, Maurice & CordobaJuly 10
Flowers from The SkyRoy Mack (director); Josephine Houston, the Debonaires, Charles King, Harland Dixon & Morgan ConwayJuly 24
Du Barry Did All RightJoseph Henabery (director); Irène Bordoni, Eddie Noll, Marian Nolan & Charles CarrerAugust 7
Ups and DownsRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, Phil Silvers & June AllysonOctober 18“Broadway Headliners”; available on Stage Door (Greatest Classic Legends Katharine Hepburn) DVD
StarletsJoseph Henabery;October 23“Presentation Revue”
Postal UnionRoy Mack (director); Georgie Price, Eddie Bruce & othersDecember 4“Broadway Headliners”; available on Kid Galahad (1937 film) (Greatest Gangster Films Edward G. Robinson) DVD
Here's Your HatRoy Mack (director); Phil Silvers, Cookie Bowers & Ted AdairDecember 11“Presentation Revue”


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
Script GirlRoy Mack (director); Alan Cross, Henry Dunn, Joan Abbott, Claire Carleton & the Gae Foster GirlsJanuary 15“Broadway Headliners”
The Candid KidRoy Mack (director); Phil Silvers, Josephine Houston & The Gae Foster GirlsFebruary 12“Presentation Revue”; available on Gold Diggers in Paris DVD
Little MeRoy Mack (director); Wini Shaw & Janet DempeyMarch 5“Broadway Headliners”
Got a Match?Joseph Henabery (director); George Dobbs, Joan Abbott & othersApril 2“Presentation Revue” (filmed August 1936)
Forget Me KnotsRoy Mack (director); Bernice Claire & Eugene SigaloffMay 7“Broadway Headliners”
The Prisoner of SwingRoy Mack (director), Eddie Forman & Cyrus Wood (writers); Hal Le Roy & June Allyson, Al Fields & Eddie Foy, Jr.June 11“Broadway Headliners”; available on The Dawn Patrol (1938 film) (Greatest Classic Films War) DVD
Rainbow's EndRoy Mack (director); Gus Van, Eddie Leonard, Bert Swor, Lou LubinJuly 2“Presentation Revue”
Up in LightsRoy Mack (director); Ruth & Jane Frazee, Pat Rooney, Gae Foster Sisters, George Griffen & Rose MoranAugust 13“Presentation Revue”
Zero GirlLloyd French (director); Eric Wait, Bruce Mapres, Four Eton Boys, The Nu Yorkers, Evelyn Chandler, Francis Lemaire, Maude Rynolds & Bonnie RobertsSeptember 3
Murder with ReservationsRoy Mack (director); George Campo, Nola Day, Florence & Alvarez and Garner, Wolfe & HakinsSeptember 24
Toyland CasinoJoseph Henabery; Francine Lassman (aka Abbe Lane), the Michael Bell Ensemble, Albert Adams, Barbara Dennison, Kathleen Sullivan & Richard MonahanOctober 8The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (Greatest Gangster Films Humphrey Bogart) DVD
Two ShadowsLloyd French (director); Ken & Roy Paige, Billy & Beverly Bemis, Irene Basley, Sharkey Bonano's Swing Band, Jean & Her Big Apple DancersOctober 22
The Knight Is YoungRoy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy, June Allyson, Earlene Schools & Norman MacKayOctober 29Best Foot Forward (film) DVD
Cleaning UpRoy Mack (director); Alan Cross, Henry Dunn, Ray & Grace MacDonald, George CampoNovember 12
StardustRoy Mack (director); Benny Davis, Bobby Joyce, Jackie Strong, the Dorn Brothers with Mary, Frankie Lanno & Jolly GilletteDecember 10
Boarder TroubleLloyd French (director); Harry Gribbon, Eddie Green & othersDecember 17“Broadway Headliners”
Hats and DogsLloyd French (director); Wini Shaw, Rags Ragland, Robert Shafer, Lois & Jean Sterner, Joey FayeDecember 31


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
Sophomore SwingRoy Mack (director); the Merry Macs, Harvest Moon Dancers, Florence Wyman, Ballin & McEvoy, Ted Gary & Mitzi DahlJanuary 28
A Small Town IdolMack SennettFebruary 11Edited down (to two reels) feature film from 1921.
Sundae SerenadeRoy Mack (director); Rosie Moran, Melton Moore, Lola King, Al Verdi & Miriam GrahamFebruary 25
Projection RoomRoy Mack (director); Gower Champion & Jeanne Tyler, Jack Arthur, Evelyn Case & Eddie Foy, Jr.March 4
Home Cheap HomeLloyd French (director); Henry Armetta, Ann Brody, Roy Roberts & Anita SimpsonMarch 18
A Fat ChanceLloyd French (director); Johnny Perkins, the Sisters Virginia, Gae Foster Girls, Arren & BroderickMarch 25
Public Jitterbug No. 1Joseph Henabery (director); Hal Le Roy, Betty Hutton, Chaz Chase & Tom Emerson's Hillbilly SextetteApril 5Carefree (film) DVD
Rollin' in RhythmRoy Mack (director); the Top Hatters, Ruth & Jane Frazee, Tito & His Swingtette, the Olympic Trio, the Six MarvelsApril 15
Seeing SpotsLloyd French (director); Duke McHale; Jack Gray & His Debutantes, Jack Starnes & Ann Anavan, Herman Hyde & Sally Burrill, Irving Kaufman & Roy RobertsApril 29
You're Next - To ClosingRoy Mack (director); Alan Cross, Henry Dunn, Leota Lane, Jones & Rooney, Gloria DayMay 13
Wardrobe GirlRoy Mack (director); Ginna Manners, Gae Foster Girls, Lester Allen & othersJune 17
The Broadway BuckarooLloyd French (director); Red Skelton, the Condos Brothers, Maidie & Ray, Edna Stillwell, Hank Lawson & his TexansJune 21
A Swing OperaRoy Mack (director); Smalle Singers, John Elliott & othersJuly 22
Seein' RedRoy Mack (director); Red Skelton, A. Robbins (banana act), the Merry Macs, Harris & Shore, Louis Da PronAugust 26
Remember WhenLloyd French (director); Willie Solar, Joe Sodja, Wiles Brothers, Four Eton Boys, Iris Adrian & Rags RaglandAugust 1939
Slapsie Maxie'sGordon Hollingshead (producer); Noel M. Smith (writer); music: Howard Jackson; Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Johnnie Davis & othersOctober 13
Ice FrolicsLloyd French (director); Eleanor Gardner, Mabel Taliaferro, Alfrted Trenkler & others© October 28
World's Fair JuniorJoseph Henabery (director); the Vitaphone KiddiesDecember 9


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
One for the BookRoy Mack (director); Betty Hutton, the Beaus & the Belles, Miriam Graham, Gae Foster Sisters, Hal ShermanJanuary 6filmed May '39
Alex in WonderlandGordon Hollingshead (producer); Charles Reisner & Owen Crump (writers); music: Howard Jackson; Eddie Foy, Jr., Walter Catlett & Jane GilbertMarch 9
Double or NothingRoy Mack (director); Lee Dixon, Hollywood DoublesApril 20filmed June '39
The Lady and the LugGordon Hollingshead (producer); William C. McGann (director); story: Owen Crump; music: Howard Jackson; Elsa Maxwell & Slapsie Maxie RosenbloomMay 18“Blue Ribbon Comedy”
Spills for ThrillsDeLeon Anthony (director); music: Howard Jackson; Harvey Parry, Allen Pomeroy & Mary WigginsJune 15documentary on stunt actors
Young America FliesB. Reeves Eason (director); Jean Parker, Donald Woods, William Lundigan & Henry O’NeillJuly 13The Fighting 69th DVD
Riding Into Society LugGordon Hollingshead (producer); William McCann (director); music: Howard Jackson; Elsa Maxwell, Lionel Pope & Mary ForbesSeptember 7“Blue Ribbon Comedy”
Just a Cute KidGordon Hollingshead (producer); Noel Smith (writer); music: Howard Jackson; Cliff Edwards, Dana Dale & Olin Howland© October 5Dance, Girl, Dance DVD
Alice in MovielandGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); Owen Crump (writer); Joan Leslie, Nana Bryant, Clara Blandick & Clarence Muse;November 16The Sea Hawk (1940 film) (Greatest Classic Legends Errol Flynn) DVD
SockerooGordon Hollingshead (producer); William C. McGann (director); music: Howard Jackson; Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Susan Peters, Frank Ferguson & Herbert Anderson© December 24
Love's IntrigueMack Sennett; music: William LavaDecember 26Vintage footage of Billy Bevan and other Sennett stars


TitleDirector & performersRelease or copyright dateNotes
The Dog In The OrchardGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); story: Owen Crump (writer, adapted from Mary Roberts Rinehart story); music: Howard Jackson; Howard da SilvaJanuary 18
Take the AirGordon Hollingshead (producer); B. Reeves Eason (director); music: Howard Jackson; William T. Orr, Eddie Foy, Jr., Andrew Tombes, Frank Ferguson & Mary BrodelFebruary 22
The Seeing EyeJerome Hillman (producer); music: Rex DunnApril 5Visits The Seeing Eye dog school in Morristown, NJ. Color remake made in 1951.
Throwing a PartyGordon Hollingshead (producer); Ray Enright (director); story: Owen Crump; Elsa Maxwell, George Reeves & Marilyn MerrickJuly 12“Blue Ribbon Comedy”
Happy FacesMack Sennett (original director); music: William LavaJuly 26compilation of vintage First National Sennett films of the 1920s
Minstrel DaysGordon Hollingshead (producer); Bobby Connolly (director); story: Owen Crump; Bud Jamison & archial footage of Al Jolson & othersSeptember 6
Perils of the JungleGordon Hollingshead (producer); Attilio Gatti (cameraman/director); Herald Medford (writer); music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningOctober 3profiles the okapi in the Belgian Congo
At the Stroke of TwelveGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director);; music: Howard Jackson; Elizabeth Risdon & Craig StevensNovember 25The Great Lie DVD; Adaptation of Damon Runyon's "The Old Doll House"
West of the RockiesGordon Hollingshead (producer); Bobby Connolly (director); music: William Lava; Richard TravisNovember 25
Monsters of the DeepBob Edge (director); music: Rex Dunn; narrator: Knox Manning© December 27Fishing off the Chile coast


TitleDirector & performersRelease dateNotes
Calling All GirlsGordon Hollingshead (producer); Lloyd Bacon (director); Owen Crump (writer); music: Howard JacksonJanuary 24The Big Street DVD. Some footage lifted Busby Berkeley musicals
Wedding Yellsnarrator: Jack CarsonMarch 7More vintage Mack Sennett footage.
Maybe Darwin Was RightGordon Hollingshead (producer); B. Reeves Eason (director); music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox Manning; Slapsie Maxie RosenbloomMarch 21
California Junior Symphony OrchestraGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); Jack Horner & Peter MeremblumApril 18
Winning Your WingsFirst Motion Picture Unit; John Huston & Owen Crump (directors); music: Howard Jackson; James StewartMay 28Larceny, Inc. (Greatest Gangster Films Edward G. Robinson) DVD
The Spirit of West PointGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director)August 22
The Spirit of AnnapolisGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); Naval Academy Band & Annapolis Glee ClubSeptember 5
A Nation Dancesnarrator: Erskine CaldwellSeptember 26filmed at a folk dance festival in Moscow, late '41
Beyond the Line of DutyGordon Hollingshead (producer); Lewis Seiler (director) & Edwin Gilbert (writer); music: Howard Jackson & William Lava; narrator: Ronald Reagan; Hewitt T. WhelessNovember 7Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; Portrait of an air gunner is available Yankee Doodle Dandy DVD
Vaudeville DaysGordon Hollingshead (producer); LeRoy Prinz (director); Eddie Garr, the Whirling Camerons, the Duffins & Reo BrothersDecember 19
Little Isles of Freedomproducers/directors: Victor Stoloff & Edgar Loew; music: William Lava; narrator: Charles BoyerDecember 26Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Documentary about wartime Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon


TitleDirector & performersRelease dateNotes
Our African FrontierCarl Dudley; music: Rex DunnFebruary 13
Army ShowGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); Edward Dunstedter (writer)February 27
The Rear GunnerGordon Hollingshead (producer); Ray Enright (director); music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox Manning; Burgess Meredith, Dane Clark, Tom Neal, Ronald Reagan, Bernard Zanfield & Jonathan HaleApril 10Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; available on Objective Burma! DVD
Three Cheers for the GirlsGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director)May 8Thank Your Lucky Stars (film) DVD; recycles Busby Berkeley numbers of the 1930s
The Man KillersHoward Hill; music: Rex Dunn; narrator: Knox ManningMay 29features Key West, Florida sharks and alligators
Happy Times and Jolly MomentsJames Bloodworth (director); music: William LavaJuly 10short history of Mack Sennett

Warner Specials (1943-1951)

TitleDirector & performersRelease dateNotes
Oklahoma OutlawsGordon Hollingshead (producer); B. Reeves Eason (director); Erville Alderson, Robert Shayne & Warner AndersonSeptember 4, 1943“Santa Fe Trail” series; Montana (1950 film) DVD
The Voice that Thrilled the WorldGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director); music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreOctober 16, 1943Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; available on The Jazz Singer DVD; short history of movie soundtracks
Wagon Wheels WestGordon Hollingshead (producer); B. Reeves Eason (director); music: Howard Jackson; Robert Shayne, Nina Foch, Charles Middleton & Addison RichardsOctober 30, 1943“Santa Fe Trail” series; Montana (1950 film) DVD
Over the WallGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco (director);; music: Howard Jackson; Dane Clark & Tom TullyDecember 25, 1943Northern Pursuit DVD
Gun to GunGordon Hollingshead (producer); D. Ross Lederman (director); music: Howard Jackson; Robert Shayne, Pedro de Cordova, Lupita Tovar & Harry WoodsJanuary 8, 1944“Santa Fe Trail” series; Montana (1950 film) DVD
Grandfather's FolliesGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jean Negulesco & Jack Scholl (directors); Lynn Daggett, Jan Clayton, Angela Greene, Virginia Patton & Charles FoyFebruary 26, 1944
Our Frontier in ItalyGordon Hollingshead (producer); Saul Elkins (director); music: William LavaApril 29, 1944clips of pre-war Italy
U.S. Marines on ReviewGordon Hollingshead (producer); Dave Gould (director); Dick Jurgens (band leader)July 8, 1944
Proudly We ServeGordon Hollingshead (producer); Crane Wilbur (director); music: William Lava; Tex Gordon & Andrea KingSeptember 23, 1944Hollywood Canteen (film) DVD
Once Over LightlyJames Bloodworth (director); music: William LavaOctober 14, 1944Clips of Charlie Murray and other Mack Sennett comics.
I Won't PlayGordon Hollingshead (producer); Crane Wilbur (director); music: William Lava; Dane Clark & Janis PaigeNovember 11, 1944Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; available on Passage to Marseilles (Classic Legends Humphrey Bogart) DVD
Nautical But NiceGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jack Scholl (director); music: Howard JacksonDecember 2, 1944recycled footage from “All Star Vaudeville”.
I Am an AmericanGordon Hollingshead (producer); Crane Wilbur (director); music: William Lava; Dennis MorganDecember 23, 1944Hollywood Canteen (film) DVD
CongoGordon Hollingshead (producer); Andre Corwin (director); music: Howard JacksonFebruary 25, 1945wartime importance of Belgian Africa is examined.
Navy NurseGordon Hollingshead (producer); D. Ross Lederman (director); music: William Lava; Marjorie Riordan, Warren Douglas, Andrea King & Robert ShayneMarch 3, 1945
Are Animals Actors? Gordon Hollingshead (producer); James Bloodworth (director); music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox ManningMarch 31, 1945lifts footage from earlier shorts of the 1930s like “Here Comes the Circus”
Law of the BadlandsGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jack Scholl (director); Robert Shayne, Warren Douglas & Angela GreeneApril 14, 1945“Santa Fe Trail” series
It Happened in SpringfieldGordon Hollingshead (producer); Crane Wilbur (director); music: William Lava; Andrea King, Warren Douglas & othersApril 28, 1945
Plantation MelodiesGordon Hollingshead (producer); LeRoy Prinz (director); Craig Stevens as Stephen FosterMay 12, 1945
Learn and LiveGordon Hollingshead (producer); music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningJuly 7, 1945details US Army training films
Barber Shop BalladsGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jack Scholl (director); music: Howard Jackson; Cliff Edwards & othersSeptember 8, 1945
Star in the NightGordon Hollingshead (producer); Don Siegel (director); music: William Lava J. Carroll Naish, Donald Woods, Rosina Galli & othersOctober 13, 1945Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; available on Christmas in Connecticut (Greatest Classic Films Holiday) DVD
All Star Musical RevueGordon Hollingshead (producer); Jack Scholl (director); music: William LavaNovember 3, 1945features footage not used in Hollywood Canteen (film)
Good Old CornEverett Dodd & Saul Elkins (directors); music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningNovember 24, 1945Vintage Mack Sennett comedies.
Hitler Lives?Gordon Hollingshead (producer); Don Siegel & Saul Elkins (directors); music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningDecember 23, 1945 (Academy preview)Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film
Musical Shipmatesproducer: Roland Reed; William Clemens (director)February 16, 1946
Okay for SoundGordon Hollingshead (producer); narrator Truman Bradley; music: William LavaSeptember 7, 1946The Jazz Singer DVD; documentary on the Vitaphone revolution
Pie in the EyeGordon Hollingshead (producer); Charles Tedford (director); music: Howard Jackson & William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreDecember 24, 1948“Classics of the Screen” compilation; features vintage Mack Sennett material of the 1920s
The Grass Is Always GreenerGordon Hollingshead (producer); Richard L. Bare (director); music: William Lava; Chill Wills, Vince Barnett, John Kellogg & Ned GlassDecember 26, 1949Adaptation of Robert Finch's 1939 one-act play Summer Comes To Diamond O; Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film; available on My Dream Is Yours DVD
Just for FunGordon Hollingshead (producer); Charles Tedford (director); music: William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreJuly 15, 1950“Classics of the Screen” compilation (edited in 1948); more Mack Sennett clips.
Ace of ClubsGeorge Marshall (director); music: William LavaJanuary 27, 1951“Classics of the Screen” compilation; composed of Bobby Jones (golfer) reels from 1931 and '33.
The Knife ThrowerMaxwell Weinberg (director); David KurlanMarch 3, 1951Warner Special (filmed 1949) adapted from a Guy de Maupassant story
A Laugh a DayCharles Tedford (director); music: William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreNovember 24, 1951“Classics of the Screen” compilation; more vintage Mack Sennett

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