British campaign medals

British campaign medals are awarded to members of the British Armed Forces, Allied forces and civilians participating in specified military campaigns. Examples include the Defence Medal, for homeland defence in World War II, and the Atlantic Star for World War II sea service in the Atlantic.

18th century

19th century

20th century

Pre World War I

World War I

During World War I (1914–1918) the following campaign medals were issued:[1]

The most frequent combinations are "trios" of either the 1914 or 1914–15 Star, the British War Medal and Victory Medal; and "pairs" of the British War and Victory Medals, these generally for servicemen who joined the war after 1915.[2]
A Memorial Plaque was issued to the next-of-kin of deceased service personnel.

Inter World War

World War II

During World War II (19391945) the following were issued (with authorised Clasp or Emblem (if awarded) in brackets)—the first eleven are listed in the authorised Order of Wearing:[3]

Post World War

21st century

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