British Rail Class 804

The British Rail Class 804 is a class of bi-mode multiple unit which will be built for East Midlands Railway (EMR) by Hitachi at its Newton Aycliffe factory. Based on the high speed A-train platform, 33 five-car units are to be built to replace EMR's High Speed Train and Class 222 stock.

British Rail Class 804 Super Express
A artist impression of the Class 804. Note the restyled nose compared to earlier products.
Built atNewton Aycliffe
Family nameA-Train
Entered service2022 (planned)
Number under construction33 × 5-car sets
Fleet numbers804001033
Operator(s)East Midlands Railway
Depot(s)Derby Etches Park
Line(s) servedMidland Main Line
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge


In August 2019, East Midlands Railway placed an order for 33 five-car bi-mode units which will be deployed on services on the Midland Main Line replacing its High Speed Train, and Class 222 fleets. All are scheduled to be in service by December 2022.[1][2]

Hitachi have described the upcoming Class 804s as an evolution of the existing Class 802s with a revised nose profile, with facelifted end headlight clusters, giving the units a slightly different appearance. Additionally, there will be four diesel engines per five-carriage train (versus three on the 800s and 802s), and the carriages will be 2 metres (6.6 ft) shorter due to platform length constraints at London St Pancras.[3]

Fleet details

Class Operator No. built Year built Cars per set Unit nos.
804 East Midlands Railway 33 TBC 5 804001033


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