British Columbia Provincial Soccer Championship

The British Columbia Provincial Soccer Championship is a soccer tournament organized by the British Columbia Soccer Association. The tournament winner advances to the national Challenge Trophy tournament for men and Jubilee Trophy tournament for women, organized by the Canadian Soccer Association. It has a history of 122 years and the men's 'A' championship competes for the 90-year-old Province Cup trophy.[1][2] Teams qualify by final league standings or by winning their league cup. The number of berths and team seeding each league is awarded in each year's competition is determined annually by the Adult Competitions Committee. The cup competition brackets are created by a publicly accessible or open random draw out of a "hat". The format is a single elimination style tournament.[3] The leagues taking part in Provincial Cup in 2013 are:[3]



Recent champions

Year Men's Women's
1960North Shore Carling'sN/A
1961Vancouver Firefighters FCN/A
1962Vancouver Firefighters FCN/A
1963Vancouver Firefighters FCN/A
1964Vancouver Columbus FCN/A
1965Vancouver Firefighters FCN/A
1966North Shore LuckiesN/A
1967Vancouver Firefighters FCN/A
1968Vancouver Columbus FCN/A
1969Vancouver Columbus FCN/A
1970Croatia SC VancouverN/A
1971Vancouver Eintracht[4]
1972New Westminster Blues[5]
1973Vancouver Firefighters FC
1974Vancouver Lobbans
1975London Boxing Club of Victoria[6]
1976Victoria West FC
1977Vancouver Columbus FC
1978Vancouver Columbus FC
1979Victoria West FC
1980Victoria West FC
1981Victoria West FC
1982Victoria West FC
1983Vancouver Firefighters FC
1984Victoria West FCJames Bay
1985Vancouver CroatiaRichmond Seniors
1986Vancouver CroatiaRichmond Seniors
1987New Westminster Q.P.R.Coquitlam Soccer Club
1988NorVan ANAFCoquitlam
1989Westside FCSurrey
1990Vancouver Firefighters FCCoquitlam Strikers
1991NorVan ANAFSurrey Marlins
1992NorVan ANAFSurrey Marlins
1993Westside FCSurrey Marlins
1994Coquitlam Metro Ford SCCoquitlam Strikers
1995North Shore PegasusVictoria Gorge FC
1996Westside C.I.B.C.UBC Alumni
1997North Shore PegasusUBC Alumni
1998Vancouver Firefighters FCUBC Alumni
1999Coquitlam Metro Ford SCUBC Alumni
2000Westside FCUBC Alumni
2001Victoria Gorge FCBurnaby Canadians Anduccis
2002Victoria Gorge FCBurnaby Canadians Anduccis
2003Surrey UnitedSportsTown UBC
2004Pegasus FCSurrey United
2005Portuguese Sporting ClubSurrey United
2006Sapperton RoversSurrey United
2007Columbus Clan FCSurrey United
2008Victoria Gorge FCSurrey United
2009West Van FCSurrey United
2010Victoria Gorge FCSurrey United
2011ICST PegasusSurrey United
2012Surrey United FirefightersSurrey United
2013Surrey United FirefightersSurrey United
2014Vancouver CroatiaSurrey United
2015EDC BurnabyNorth Shore Girls SC Renegades
2016ICST PegasusRichmond FC
2017Vancouver Club Inter FCSurrey United


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