Brigitte Rau

Brigitte Rau (31 December 1933 – 24 September 1979) was a German actress.


Brigitte Rau was born in 1933 as the daughter of Otto Kurt Rau and Martha Adele Örtel.[1] She appeared as an actress on stage, but she mainly became known through movies and television movies. Rau often took part in comedies and music movies. She had her first film role in 1952 in the family movie Der Kampf der Tertia. In 1954 she married her professional colleague Gunnar Möller with whom she was seen in the same year in the music movie Liebe und Trompetenblasen. She continued her acting career after her marriage under her birth name. From her marriage with Gunnar Möller she had three children.

Under the direction of Peter Beauvais she played in Ist Mama nicht fabelhaft? in 1958. She also acted at the side of her husband, so in family Werner on travels, a TV series. Here she gave Brigitte Werner, wife of Hans Werner, the student councilor, whom her husband impersonated. In the TV series Die Gäste des Felix Hechinger (directed by Rolf von Sydow) Brigitte Rau played the role of Monika Lenz in the series part Ehe in Gefahr, her husband gave her husband Peter Lenz.

In the 70's Gunnar Möller and Brigitte Rau appeared predominantly together in theatre productions, among others also at the Landesbühne Hannover. In 1977 they both appeared on stage in Heinz Coubier's comedy Aimée directed by Helmut Käutner.

Circumstances of Death

In 1979 Möller killed his wife in London in an affair as a result of a dispute over her divorce petition. At that time, the couple's marriage was already considered to be disrupted by side-jumps, alcohol and disputes. The family had previously changed residence several times before settling in the Hampstead district of London's artists.[2]

After the crime, Möller turned himself in to the police. His case was tried in court in London, and the actor was sentenced to five years in prison, of which he served two years.[3]

Selected filmography


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