Brian Keane

Brian Keane (born January 18, 1953) is an American composer, music producer, and guitarist. He has composed the music for hundreds of films and television shows and produced over a hundred record albums. Keane is known as a world class guitarist, a musical pioneer in scoring music for television documentaries, a leading record producer of the 1980s and 1990s, and one of the most prominent and influential composers of his era.

Brian Keane
Brian Keane in his home studio in 2013
Background information
Born (1953-01-18) January 18, 1953
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation(s)Composer, music producer, guitarist
Years active1970s–present

Keane has scored well over one hundred award-winning documentaries and films, including eighteen Emmy winners for best documentary or series (among sixty seven nominations), nine Peabody Award-winning films, six Oscar nominated films, and one Academy Award-winning film[1] Keane has won four Emmy Awards out of twenty nominations.

Keane's notable documentary scoring credits include Ric Burns' Emmy and Peabody Award-winning films New York: A Documentary Film, The Donner Party, Ansel Adams, and Andy Warhol,[2] Thomas Lennon's Peabody Award-winning and Oscar-nominated film The Battle Over Citizen Kane, Lennon and Ruby Yang's Academy Award-winning The Blood of Yingzhou District, ABC News' contemporary documentary series Turning Point, and multiple award-winning episodes for the long running PBS history series American Experience, among many others.

In the sports world, Keane scored the music to such Emmy-winning sports classics as Do You Believe in Miracles, Nine Innings From Ground Zero, and Curse of the Bambino, and was the music behind HBO Sports for more than a decade when under Ross Greenburg, the network reigned as the dominant award-winning network for sports documentaries. Keane has also scored a number of Emmy Award- and Peabody Award-winning sports documentaries for ESPN, CBS, and others. In 2001, he was the first and only composer in Sports Emmy Awards history to sweep all of the nominations for music in a single year.[3]

As a record producer, Keane has produced over three dozen Billboard charting albums with over 150 commercial albums in total.[4] He is particularly known for producing ethnic and new-age music. Keane's many credits as a producer include Winter Solstice for Windham Hill Records,[5] the Grammy Award-winning Long Journey Home: The Irish in America soundtrack album for RCA Records[6] and his influential work with middle eastern musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

As a guitarist, Brian Keane played on well over a thousand recordings, and performed on concert stages throughout the world, from Montreaux to Carnegie Hall, as a headlining jazz virtuoso, and in duo with Larry Coryell, Joe Pass, Paco De Lucia, and Bobby McFerrin, as well as a sideman for many others.

Keane's music has been performed by symphony orchestras throughout the world. He has also scored several feature films and dramatic television shows, working with such notable directors as Academy Award winner Barry Levinson, Emmy winner Tom Fontana, and Stephen King, among many others. Among his many series, Keane scored the Levinson/Fontana television series Copper, which debuted in 2012 as the highest rated television series in the history of BBC America.[7] In 2013 Brian Keane was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for Copper in the category of Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.[8] Much of Brian Keane's 8000-plus composition catalog, spanning over five decades, has been computer categorized as a searchable library (Score To, and leased to several networks who continue to license and reuse Keane's music on an ongoing basis in television, films, and online programming today.


Early life

Brian Keane was born January 18, 1953 in Philadelphia. His mother Winifred Keane is an avant garde composer, and his father George F. Keane, while being a successful business man, was also an Irish tenor. Brian's brother Geoffrey Keane and his sister Sheila are both musical as well. Brian grew up in Westport, Connecticut and played his first professional job as a rock n’ roll musician when he was still a sixth grader. He studied privately with the late jazz pianist and Juilliard educator John Mehegan, and then with Czech composer Karel Husa at both Ithaca College, and Cornell where he went to school.[9]

Professional career


Brian began his professional career as a guitarist playing in clubs and as a sideman, and eventually became a world-renowned jazz guitarist, performing with many Jazz greats of the 1970s and 1980s, including touring worldwide and recording for several years in a guitar duo with Larry Coryell, and eventually becoming a Blue Note recording artist.[10] Brian played on hundreds of records, commercials and film scores as a guitarist beginning in the 1970s and has performed or recorded as a guitarist with artists as diverse as disco singer Vicki Sue Robinson, entertainer Eartha Kitt, the rock group Wishbone Ash, jazz bassist Eddie Gómez, jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra, flamenco guitarist Paco Delucia, blues artist Taj Mahal, cajun icon Buckwheat Zydeco, classical clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, jazz saxophonist Marion Meadows, folk legend Pete Seeger, singers Linda Ronstadt, Bobby McFerrin, The Clancy Brothers, John Sebastian, and many others.

Composer and Record Producer


In the late seventies, still making his living primarily as a guitarist, Brian met film directors Jim Burroughs and Suzanne Bauman, while working in his childhood friend Gary Scovil's recording studio in Norwalk, Connecticut. In 1981, Brian scored his first documentary for them, Against Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey, which was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary in 1982. That early success led to several more scoring opportunities for Brian in the eighties, an era where few documentaries were scored with original music. Keane's prominence as a composer rose quickly, even as he continued to tour as a guitarist in a duo with Larry Coryell, and eventually as a solo artist with the release of his first solo CD Snowfalls in 1986. In 1987, Keane's score to the documentary Suleyman the Magnificent, was discovered by German publisher Eckart Rahn who heard the documentary on television, and decided to release a soundtrack CD of Brian's score on his Celestial Harmonies label. The record, among the first to harmonize traditional Middle Eastern music, would form the first of a series of enduring, and culturally important collaborations with middle eastern musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and the success of that CD would eventually lead to Brian becoming a prominent producer of ethnic and New Age recordings, both for Celestial Harmonies and for a variety of major record labels.

In 1989, Brian Keane scored the music to Chimps: So Like Us, the HBO Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning documentary that helped introduce the public to naturalist Jane Goodall. The film was made by Oscar-winning directors Kirk Simon and Karen Goodman whose New York offices happened to be in the same building, one floor down, from the acclaimed film maker Ric Burns. After producing the classic Civil War mini series with his brother Ken Burns in the late eighties, the highest rated television documentary series in history, Ric went on to work with Brian on the 1990 award-winning documentary Coney Island. Brian has scored every one of Ric Burns' award-winning films ever since, and their ongoing collaborations span almost three decades. By the end of the 1980s, Brian Keane had already established himself as the leading pioneer in scoring documentary films with the Hollywood Reporter calling him "the John Williams of documentaries".


The early 1990s saw Brian's composing career rise dramatically in stature with the multiple-award-winning General Motors' Playwright's Theatre series for Nederlander television, which ran for four years on A&E, the Emmy- and Columbia Dupont-winning miniseries The Great Depression and The War on Poverty for the prominent film maker Henry Hampton, the highly influential Ric Burns film The Donner Party (documentary) which won a Peabody in 1992, and the Emmy- and Peabody-winning film The Battle of the Bulge, for Oscar-winning director Thomas Lennon. Brian scored many award-winning films for the PBS history series American Experience, working with producer Judy Crichton, directors Carl Charlson, Ben Loeterman, Mark Zwonitzer, and others. Brian also scored several award-winning specials for National Geographic working with director Oren Jacoby, and again with the Simon and Goodman picture company. In addition, Brian was hired by ABC News in the early nineties to be the composer for the first prime time, hour-long, news documentary series Turning Point. Working with producers Rudy Bednar and Betsy West, Turning Point would become the first of several news documentary series Brian scored for ABC News in the 1990s, and the musical approach developed for ABC News has been adopted in many subsequent news documentary series. Because of demand, Brian began hiring orchestrators, many of whom would go on to become successful in their own right like Michael Bacon, Richard Fiocca, Don Grady, Michael Terry, and others.

Keane's prominence as a record producer was also rising with the release of the critically acclaimed, and commercially successful early nineties albums. Tibetan Bells: The Empty Mirror for Celestial, Firedance, and Beyond the Sky with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, John Boswell's Festival of the Heart, Celtic Twilight for Hearts of Space, and Song Of The Irish Whistle featuring Irish whistler Joanie Madden, among others. In 1992, Brian produced the Grammy nominated comedy album You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You featuring the comic, turned United States senator, Al Franken. Also in 1992, following the success of Brian's production of jazz saxophonist Nelson Rangell's CD for GRP records, working with executive producers Dave Wilkes and Danny Weiss, Brian was signed by legendary music executive Bruce Lundvall, and became a Blue Note recording artist with his debut release of Common Planet. However, despite the successful debut of Common Planet, Brian resigned from his career as a recording artist. By that point, Brian was the father of young children and already in demand as a record producer and composer. He would let go of his career as a touring guitarist from that point on, but continue to record as a guitarist on records and soundtracks.

By the mid 1990s Brian Keane was firmly established as a leading composer in documentary film, and a prominent producer of ethnic and New Age music simultaneously. The later 1990s brought Keane widespread success as a record producer with over three dozen Billboard charting albums for Windham Hill, RCA, Sony, Hearts of Space, and other record labels. Brian produced several successful Windham Hill records including the billboard chart topping CD's Carols of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and several CD's in the hugely popular Winter's Solstice, and Summer Solstice series. Brian also signed Sean Harkness (a former guitar student) to a deal with Windham Hill. Brian also produced several critically acclaimed ethnic records including: Via Jo, and Afrika Wassa for Senegalese artist Vieux Diop, and Este Es Mi Mariachi featuring Linda Ronstadt and Mariachi Cobre. In addition, Brian became well established in producing prominent Irish artists including several RCA records for the female Irish traditional group Cherish The Ladies, Riverdance fiddling sensation Eileen Ivers, and others. In 1998, Brian collaborated with Chieftains founder Paddy Moloney composing and producing the music for the Disney and PBS joint production Long Journey Home: The Irish in America. The RCA soundtrack, featuring the Chieftains, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, and others, won the Grammy Award for best traditional folk album in 1998.

In 1997, Brian started working with Hollywood agent Bruce Teitell, and scored several feature films including The Vernon Johns Story: Road to Freedom with James Earl Jones, Stephen King's Night Flier for New Line Cinema, and Illtown for director Nick Gomez. Brian's continued scoring documentaries as well, with the award-winning Burns mini series and Shanachie double CD soundtrack The Way West, Thomas Lennon's Oscar-nominated and Peabody Award-winning The Battle over Citizen Kane, the award-winning PBS Nova series A Science Odyssey, and more award-winning American Experience documentaries for its new executive producer Margaret Drain. American Experience won Prime Time Emmy awards for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series in both 1998 and 1999. Also in 1999, Brian scored the multiple-Emmy-winning Ric Burns series New York: a documentary film, which after the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001, became among the biggest selling documentary series of its time.

In 1996, Brian was asked to score Spirit of the Games, a documentary on the subject of the Olympics by the Emmy-winning director George Roy for HBO Sports. It began a long relationship with HBO Sports and a very successful run of sports documentaries including the Peabody-winning films Babe Ruth, Ali Frazier: One Nation Divisible, Dare to Compete, and Fists of Freedom, among others, all scored in the late nineties as part of a new series of documentaries entitled Sports of the 20th Century. Brian also scored HBO's Inside the NFL during that period.


By the year 2000, Napster and other downloading entities were beginning to take over record distribution, and several long established record companies went out of business. In the space of just a year, the record producing business that Brian Keane had enjoyed and accumulated over the previous decade and a half collapsed, along with most record companies. Brian was still among the most widely recognized composers for documentary film however, and by then, he had extended his notoriety to become a leading composer in the world of sports. In addition to continuing to score Emmy-winning documentaries like Ric Burns Ansel Adams, Bill Moyers' Becoming American: The Chinese Experience collaborating with Chinese musician George Gao, and several more award-winning American Experience episodes for its new executive producer Mark Samels, Keane composed the music to many classic Emmy- and Peabody-winning HBO sports documentaries in the early 2000s including Do You Believe in Miracles, Legendary Nights, Picture Perfect, The Curse of the Bambino, and Nine Innings From Ground Zero. Brian worked with producer Ross Greenburg, directors George Roy, Joe Lavine, and other Emmy-winning sports documentarians, and he composed a number of Emmy-nominated and Peabody-winning films for ESPN as well such as Kentucky Bluegrass Basketball, The Complete Angler, You Write Better Than You Play, and David Halberstam's Teammates for directors Fritz Mitchell, Johnson McKelvey, Neil Leifer, and others. Brian also scored several documentary specials for CBS Sports including Pistol Pete, for which he won a music Emmy for his collaborative score with Cajun musician Buckwheat Zydeco.

In 2001, Brian Keane became the first, and only composer in the history of the Emmys to sweep all the Emmy nominations for music composition in a single year,[3] and he won Emmys in 2002, 2003, and 2004 for music composition as well. In 2005, Brian had three more Emmy nominations for music composition, and scored all five Emmy nominated films for best sports documentary that year, including the best documentary Emmy-winning Rhythm In The Rope for ESPN.[11] In 2006, Brian scored Thomas Lennon and Ruby Yang's The Blood of Yingzhou District, which won an Academy Award for best documentary: short subject. In addition, Brian scored the Emmy- and Peabody-winning Ric Burns films Andy Warhol for American Masters, and Eugene O'Neil featuring Christopher Plummer Al Pacino, Liam Neeson, and others. In 2007, Brian received Emmy nominations for his scores to HBO's Barbaro, Mickey Mantle and Johnson McKelvey's Kabul Girls Club. In addition to all this, Brian Keane's compositions were being used in several major feature films, and being adapted for symphony orchestras throughout the world, including the London Symphony Orchestra, The Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, The Boston Pops Orchestra, and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to name a few.

Brian enjoyed a nonstop series of successes in the entertainment business for over two decades, but by 2008, the era of reality TV, digital media, and multi channel cable television was coming of age. The high end documentary was falling out of favor due to the expense of making them. A 2007 writer's strike crippled the film and television industry. Budgets for live musicians were becoming a thing of the past, and the abundance of new cable channels meant smaller budgets and lower standards. Emmy judging was no longer monitored, and although Brian continued to score Emmy nominated films such as Ric Burns' Into the Deep for American Experience, HBO's Joe Louis: A Hero Betrayed, and The Running Rebels of UNLV, as well as the 2011 Academy Award nominated documentary The Warrior of Quigang for Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon, Brian decided not to work as much, even considering retirement, preferring to have a period of time that was more balanced with his private life. That period would only last a few years.


In 2012, after scoring Death and the Civil War, which won the Erik Barnauw Award and received an Emmy nomination for outstanding non-fiction program, Keane got a call from Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson to score the dramatic television series Copper, about an Irish cop set in 1864 New York. The Levinson Fontana produced series debuted as the highest rated series in the history of BBC America, and garnered Keane another Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Main Title Music. Copper was renewed for a second season in 2013, with the soundtrack, Copper: Original Soundtrack, released via Valley Entertainment.

Beginning in 2014, Keane returned to a "semi-retired" schedule. He launched his music library “” which was leased to several networks and movie studios, and continued scoring music at a more relaxed pace. He continued scoring more Emmy award-winning shows for ESPN, including Fritz Mitchell's “It’s Time”, which garnered Brian his 20th Emmy nomination for music, and worked on several other projects including the unusual festival film “Enquiring Minds” about the history of the National Enquirer, a commission to compose music for the 75th anniversary of the American Ballet Theatre, the joint BBC and PBS special of "The Pilgrims”, a world music symphony commission resulting in finishing his first symphony “A Speck of Time” (which was actually mostly written in 1984), he produced an early music soundtrack to the 1922 Douglas Fairbanks Sr. silent film of "Robin Hood”, and composed the score to an important film about racism and American history for the PBS, Ric Burns and Li Shin Yu film "Chinese Exclusion Act”. In 2018 Brian returned to sports with the 12-hour series "Saturdays In The South" for ESPN. In 2019, he scored a debut feature documentary for the new Disney+ streaming service called "One Day At Disney", "Very Ralph", a documentary biopic about Ralph Lauren for multiple Emmy Award-winning director Susan Lacy, and "Oliver Sacks: His Own Life", which debuted to sellout crowds at the Telluride and New York Film Festivals in 2019.

Keane also returned to performing on guitar occasionally in 2017 following the death of his one time duo partner Larry Coryell, playing numerous tribute concerts at first, and eventually playing a wide variety of concerts, selling out Carnegie Hall in April 2018 with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and is touring internationally again, after almost 35 years, in 2019.

In addition to performing some concerts, Brian continues to work on composing music with his long time engineer Jeff Frez-Albrecht and others, helping out promising musicians with their music, and occasionally making appearances as a guest lecturer for universities and film festivals. Many of Brian's former employees, interns, and students have gone on to substantial careers of their own.

Personal life

Brian Keane's studio is located in his first home in Monroe, Connecticut which he bought in 1985, and converted into a recording studio in 1993. Brian lived in Newtown, Connecticut from 1995 to 2010 and commuted to his first house in Monroe to work. Brian was married to Susan St. Louis Keane in 1987, though they lived together since 1983. They had their first son Wylder Keane in 1987, and second son Dylan Keane in 1988. In addition, Brian has a step son, Chris Laskowski, born to Susan in 1971. All three are musical, though they have other careers. Brian and Susan were divorced amicably in 2010. Although Brian toured throughout the world in his early career as a guitarist, most of Brian's composing career has taken place at his studio in the woods of Connecticut, near friends that he has known for over sixty years in some cases. In an era where most television and film production took place in New York or Los Angeles, Brian was able to develop his substantial career simply through the notoriety and emotional power of his music.

Award-Winning / Nominated Films Scored By Brian Keane

Academy AwardBest DocumentaryAgainst Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey (PBS)Nomination1982
Columbia Dupont AwardJournalismAgainst Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey (PBS)Winner1982
Golden Hugo AwardChicago Film FestivalCuba In the Shadow Of Doubt (PBS)Winner1983
Cine Golden EagleBest DocumentaryCosta Rica: Child in the Wind (PBS)Winner1984
First PrizeSan Francisco Film FestivalWomen of Summer (PBS)Winner1985
First PrizeLondon Film FestivalSuleyman the Magnificent (PBS)Winner1986
Golden AthenaAthens Film FestivalLight of the Gods (PBS)Winner1987
Cine Golden EagleDocumentaryMerchants and Masterpieces (PBS)Winner1988
Ace Award-Pool Hall (A&E)Nomination1989
Ace Award-27 Wagons Full of Cotton (A&E)Nomination1989
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryChimps: So Like Us (HBO)Winner1990
Academy AwardBest Documentary: Short SubjectChimps: So Like Us (HBO)Nomination1990
Ace Award-Clara (A&E)Nomination1990
Ace Award-Last Act is a Solo (A&E)Winner1990
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Cultural/Artistic ProgrammingConey Island (PBS)Winner1991
Ace Award-Avenue Z Afternoon (A&E)Nomination1991
Erik Barnauw AwardOutstanding Historical DocumentaryConey Island (PBS)Winner1992
Ace Award-Paralax Gardens (A&E)Nomination1992
Peabody Award-The Donner Party (PBS)Winner1992
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingThe Great Depression (PBS)Winner1993
Emmy AwardBest Historical ProgrammingThe Great Depression (PBS)Winner1993
Emmy AwardBest scientific ProgrammingNational Geographic Explorer (TBS)Winner1994
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingAmerica's War On Poverty (PBS)Winner1994
Columbia Dupont AwardBest News Documentary SeriesTurning Point (ABC)Winner1995
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical Mini SeriesThe Way West (PBS)Winner1995
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingBattle of the Bulge (PBS)Winner1995
Emmy AwardBest Historical ProgrammingBattle of the Bulge (PBS)Nomination1995
Peadbody Award-Battle of the Bulge (PBS)Winner1995
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Scientific ProgrammingBuckminster Fuller (PBS)Winner1996
Emmy AwardBest Scientific ProgrammingBuckminster Fuller (PBS)Nomination1996
Emmy AwardBest Cultural or Artistic ProgrammingThe Battle Over Citizen Kane (PBS)Winner1996
Academy AwardBest DocumentaryThe Battle Over Citizen Kane (PBS)Nomination1996
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Cultural or Artistic ProgrammingThe Battle Over Citizen Kane (PBS)Winner1996
Peabody Award-The Battle Over Citizen Kane (PBS)Winner1996
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingMurder of the Century (PBS)Winner1996
Ace Award-Spirit of the Games (HBO)Winner1996
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Documentary SeriesTurning Point (ABC)Winner1996
Erik Barnauw AwardOutstanding Historical DocumentaryAmerica's War on Poverty (PBS)Winner1996
Ace Award-Inside The NFL (HBO)Winner1997
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingNew York Underground (PBS)Winner1997
Fangoria Awards-Stephen King's Night Flier (New Line)Winner1998
Ace Awards-Inside The NFL (HBO)Winner1998
Emmy AwardBest Historical ProgrammingLong Journey Home (Disney/PBS)Nomination1998
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Scientific SeriesA Science Odyssey (PBS)Winner1998
Sundance Film FestivalJury AwardIlltown (Shooting Gallery)Winner1998
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionBabe Ruth (HBO)Nomination1998
Peabody Award-Babe Ruth (HBO)Winner1998
Emmy AwardOutstanding non-fiction seriesAmerican Experience (PBS)Winner1998
Peabody Award-Dare To Compete (HBO)Winner1999
Peabody Awards-Fists of Freedom (HBO)Winner1999
Emmy AwardOutstanding non-fiction seriesAmerican Experience (PBS)Winner1999
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryFists of Freedom (HBO)Winner1999
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionBill Russell (HBO)Nomination2000
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryWhen It Was A Game (HBO)Winner2000
Peadbody Award-Ali/Frazier (HBO)Winner2000
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryAli/Frazier (HBO)nomination2000
Emmy AwardOutstanding Achievement in Non - fiction ProgrammingNew York: A Documentary Film (PBS)Winner2000
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryDo You Believe In Miracles? (HBO)Winner2001
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionDo You Believe In Miracles? (HBO)Nomination2001
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionPistol Pete (CBS)Winner2001
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionShot Heard 'Round The World (HBO)Nomination2001
Columbia Dupont AwardBest Historical ProgrammingNew York: A Documentary Film (PBS)Winner2002
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionPicture Perfect (HBO)Winner2002
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryThe Bear (CBS)Nomination2002
Emmy AwardOutstanding Cultural and Artistic ProgrammingAnsel Adams (PBS)Winner2002
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryLife Behind the Lens (ESPN)Nomination2003
Peadbody Award-The Complete Angler (ESPN)Winner2003
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionBluegrass Basketball (ESPN)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest sports DocumentaryBluegrass Basketball (ESPN)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest sports DocumentaryThe Teammates (ESPN)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionThe Teammates (ESPN)Nomination2003
EmmyBest Music and SoundNew York: The Center of the World (PBS)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest Historical Programming:Long FormNew York: The Center of the World (PBS)Winner2003
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionJim McKay: My World in My Words (HBO)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest Edited Sports SeriesLegendary Nights (HBO)Winner2003
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryCurse of the Bambino (HBO)Winner2003
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionCurse of the Bambino (HBO)Winner2003
Emmy AwardBest sports DocumentaryJim McKay: My World in My Words (HBO)Nomination2003
Emmy AwardBest Sports Entertainment ProgramOn the Record (HBO)Winner2004
Emmy AwardBest Documentary Mini SeriesNYPD 24/7 (ABC)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryHitler's Pawn (HBO)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionHitler's Pawn (HBO)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentarySports Illustrated 50 Years (ESPN)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryNine Inning From Ground Zero (HBO)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionNine Innings From Ground Zero (HBO)Winner2004
Emmy AwardBest Non Fiction Mini SeriesBecoming American: The Chinese Experience (PBS)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardHistorical programming: Long FormBecoming American : Gold Mountain Dreams (PBS)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardHistorical programming: Long FormBecoming American : Between Two Worlds (PBS)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardHistorical programming: Long FormBecoming American : No Turning Back (PBS)Nomination2004
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryMickey Mantle (HBO)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionMickey Mantle (HBO)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryThe Perfect Upset (HBO)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryYou Write Better Than You Play (ESPN)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionYou Write Better Than You Play (ESPN)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryDare To Dream (HBO)Nomination2005
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryRhythm in the Rope (ESPN)Winner2005
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionRhythm in the Rope (ESPN)Nomination2005
Academy AwardBest Documentary: Short SubjectBlood of Yingzhou District (HBO)Winner2006
Emmy AwardOutstanding Cultural and Artistic ProgrammingEugene O'Neill (PBS)Winner2006
IDA AwardBest SeriesThe Supreme Court (PBS)Winner2006
Peabody Award-Andy Warhol (PBS)Winner2006
Emmy AwardOutstanding Cultural and Artistic ProgrammingAndy Warhol (PBS)Winner2006
Cine Golden EagleBest Music CompositionAmerica's Lost Landscape: The Tall Grass Prairie (PBS)Winner2006
Cine Golden EagleBest DocumentaryAmerica's Lost Landscape: The Tall Grass Prairie (PBS)Winner2006
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionBarbaro (HBO)Nomination2007
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionKabul Girls Club (ESPN)Nomination2007
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryWait Till Next Year (HBO)Nomination2007
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryJoe Louis: America's Hero Betrayed (HBO)Nomination2008
Emmy AwardBest Non Fiction ProgramInto the Deep (PBS)Nomination2010
Academy AwardBest Documentary - Short SubjectThe Warrior of Qiugang (Theatrical)Nomination2011
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryRunning Rebels Of UNLVNomination2012
Erik Barnauw AwardOutstanding Historical DocumentaryDeath and the Civil War (PBS)Winner2013
Emmy AwardBest DocumentaryDeath and the Civil War (PBS)Nomination2013
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionCopper - Main Titles (BBC America)Nomination2013
Emmy AwardBest Music CompositionIt's Time (SEC /ESPN)Nomination2015
Emmy AwardBest Sports DocumentaryIt's Time (SEC /ESPN)Nomination2015
Emmy AwardBest Sports Documentary30 For 30 (ESPN)Winner2015

Emmy Awards (Composer)

Award TypeStatusWorkYearRole
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedBabe Ruth (HBO)1998Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedBill Russell (HBO)2000Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedDo You Believe In Miracles? (HBO)2001Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionWinnerPistol Pete (CBS)2001Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedShot Heard 'Round The World (HBO)2001Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionWinnerPicture Perfect (HBO)2002Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedBluegrass Basketball (ESPN)2003Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedThe Teammates (ESPN)2003Composer
Emmy, Best Music and SoundNominatedNew York The Center of the World (PBS)2003Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedJim McKay: My World in My Words (HBO)2003Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionWinnerCurse of the Bambino (HBO)2003Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedHitler's Pawn (HBO)2004Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionWinnerNine Innings From Ground Zero (HBO)2004Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedRhythm in the Rope (ESPN)2005Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedYou Write Better Than You Play (ESPN)2005Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedMickey Mantle (HBO)2005Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedGirl's Club of Kabul (ESPN)2007Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedBarbaro (HBO)2007Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedCopper - Main Titles (BBC America)2013Composer
Emmy, Best Music CompositionNominatedIt's Time (SEC /ESPN)2013Composer

Grammy Awards(Music Producer)

Award TypeStatusWorkYearRole
Grammy Awards, Best Folk or Traditional AlbumNominatedFire Dance (Celestial Harmonies)1990Composer/Producer
Grammy Awards, Best Folk or Traditional AlbumNominatedBeyond The Sky (Celestial Harmonies)1992Composer/Producer
Grammy Awards, Best Comedy AlbumNominated"You're Good Enough..." (BMG /Bantam Audio)1992Composer/Producer
Grammy Awards, Best Folk or Traditional AlbumWinnerLong Journey Home Soundtrack (RCA)1998Composer/Producer

Soundtrack Releases

1987"Suleyman The Magnificent"Celestial HarmoniesBillboard Charting
1992"You're Good Enough..."BMG /Bantam AudioGrammy Nominee
1995The Way WestShanachieIndie Award
1998Long Journey Home: The Irish In AmericaRCAGrammy Winner, Billboard Charting
1998Stephen Kings: "The Night Flier"RCAFangoria Award
1999New YorkRCABillboard Charting
2002Ansel AdamsGreen LinnetBillboard Charting
2005The War That Made AmericaValley Entertainment
2006Andy Warhol: A Documentary FilmValley Entertainment
2009KelebekCelestial Harmonies
2011Into The DeepValley Entertainment
2012Death And The Civil WarValley Entertainment
2013Copper: Original SoundtrackValley Entertainment

Select Discography (Music Producer)

YearTitleRecord LabelNotesArtists
1982At The AirportWEA-Larry Coryell, Brian Keane
1983Just Like Being BornFlying Fish-Larry Coryell, Brian Keane
1986SnowfallsFlying FishBillboard Top 20 New Age ChartsBrian Keane
1988BoléroEvidence-Larry Coryell, Brian Keane
1989Tibetan Bells 3: The Empty MirrorCelestial HarmoniesTop 20 Billboard New Age ChartsHenry Wolff, Nancy Hennings
1990Fire DanceCelestial HarmoniesGrammy Nominated, Top 20 Billboard New Age ChartsBrian Keane, Omar Faruk Tekbilek
1991YamantakaCelestial Harmonies-Henry Wolff, Mickey Hart
1991Nelson RangellGRPBillboard Top 20 Contemporary Jazz ChartsNelson Rangell
1992Mariachi CobreCelestial HarmoniesTop 20 Billboard World ChartsMariachi Cobre
1992Beyond The SkyCelestial HarmoniesGrammy Nominated, Echoes "Record Of The Year", Top 20 Billboard New Age ChartsBrian Keane, Omar Faruk Tekbilek
1992Common PlanetBlue NoteBillboard Top 20 Contemporary Jazz ChartsBrian Keane
1992Festival Of The HeartHearts of Space RecordsBillboard Top 20 New Age ChartsJohn Boswell
1993Count Me InHearts of Space RecordsBillboard Top 20 New Age ChartsJohn Boswell
1993KhenanyCelestial Harmonies-Khenany
1994WhirlingCelestial HarmoniesTop 20 Billboard New Age ChartsOmar Faruk Tekbilek
1994Celtic TwilightHearts of Space RecordsBillboard's "New Age Album Of The Year", #1 Billboard New Age ChartsVarious
1995VIa JoTriloka/Polygram#1 On World Music Charts In EuropeVieux Diop
1995Este Es Mi MariachiCelestial Harmonies /KuckuckTop 20 Billboard World ChartsLinda Ronstadt, Mariachi Cobre
1995Song Of The Irish WhistleHearts O' SpaceBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsJoanie Madden
1995Celtic Twilight 2Hearts O' SpaceBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsNightnoise, Bill Douglas, John Doan, Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis, Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark, Steve McDonald, Mychael Danna, Joanie Madden, Loreena McKennitt, Talitha MacKenzie
1996Closer To Far AwayWindham HillBillboard Top 20 New Age ChartsDouglass Spotted Eagle
1996Mystical GardenCelestial HarmoniesTop 20 Billboard World ChartsOmar Faruk Tekbilek
1996Carols Of ChristmasWindham Hill/BMGBillboard #1 On New Age ChartsGeorge Winston, Michael Hedges, Steve Morse, David Darling, Ray Lynch, Richard Stoltzman, Marion Meadows, Jim Brickman, Manuel Barrueco
1997Summer SolsticeWindham Hill/BMGBillboard Top 10 New Age Charts For 4 MonthsGeorge Winston, Michael Hedges, William Ackerman, Liz Story, Keola Beamer, Sean Harkness
1997Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic PlanetHearts O' SpaceBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsDavy Spillane, Bill Douglas, Carlos Núñez, John Doan, Mychael Danna, Joanie Madden, Anúna, Aoife Ní Fhearraigh
1997Winters Solstice VIWindham Hill/BMGBillboard #1 New Age ChartsGeorge Winston, Michael Hedges
1997Crescent MoonCelestial Harmonies-Omar Faruk Tekbilek
1997Conversations with GodWindham HillBillboard #1 New Age ChartsRay Lynch, Gabrielle Roth and The Mirror, Jim Brickman, David Arkenstone, Yanni, Shadowfax, Patrick O'Hearn, Mark Isham
1998Long Journey HomeUnisphere/RCA Victor/BMGGrammy Award Winner: Best Folk / Traditional Album. Billboard Top 10 World Music ChartsVarious, The Chieftains, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Sinéad O'Connor, Mary Black, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Vince Gill,
1998Threads Of TimeRCATop 20 Billboard World ChartsCherish the Ladies
1998The Renaissance AlbumWindham Hill/BMG-Various, Nancy Wilson, Ann Wilson, The Baltimore Consort, Angels of Venice, John Doan
1998Summer Solstice 2Windham Hill/BMGBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsBuckwheat Zydeco, Taj Mahal, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Tuck & Patti, Earl Klugh, W.G. Snuffy Walden,
1998ThanksgivingWindham Hill/BMGBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsPaul Winter, George Winston, Carlos Nakai, Paul McCandless, Michael Manring, Philip Aaberg, John Sebastian
1998Song Of The Irish Whistle 2Hearts O' SpaceBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsJoanie Madden
1998SanctuaryWindham HillBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsJim Brickman, William Ackerman, Tracy Silverman, Michael Hedges, Michael Manring, Liz Story, Alex De Grassi, William Edward Childs, Douglas Spotted Eagle, Metamora
1999Here There EverywhereWindham HillBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsW. G. Snuffy Walden, Tuck & Patti, Wayne Johnson, Liz Story, Michael Hedges, George Winston, Doyle Dykes, Angels of Venice
1999Winter Solstice On IceWindham HillBillboard #1 New Age ChartsW. G. Snuffy Walden, Peabo Bryson, Mark Snow, Jim Brickman, George Winston, Janis Ian, Michael Hedges, Roberta Flack, Jeffrey Osborne, The Rippingtons, Yani, Mark Isham
1999Song Of The HillsShanachie-John Sebastian, Bill Keith, Jay Ungar, Eric Weissberg, Norman Blake, Tony Trischka
1999Crossing The BridgeSonyBillboard Top 10 On The World Music ChartsEileen Ivers, Al Di Meola, Steve Gadd, Randy Brecker, Bakithi Kumalo, Séamus Egan,
1999Sundance Summer SolsticeWindham Hill/BMGBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsGeorge Winston, Will Ackerman, Jim Brickman, Jay Beckenstein, Angels of Venice, Phil Aaeberg, Paul McCandless, Michael Nanring, David Arkenstone
1999Celtic Twilight 5Hearts O' SpaceBillboard Top 10 New Age ChartsMéav Ní Mhaolchatha, Bill Douglas, Jeff Danna, John Doan, Mychael Danna, Joanie Madden, Jeff Johnson
1999At HomeRCABillboard Top 10 World ChartsCherish The Ladies
2000Afrika WassaSony/TrilokaTop 20 Billboard World ChartsVieux Diop
2000The Girls Won't Leave The Boys AloneRCATop 20 Billboard World ChartsCherish the Ladies, Pete Seeger, Liam Clancy, Arlo Guthrie


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