Bretton Byrd

Bretton Byrd (1904–1959) was a British composer and musician known for his work on film scores between 1932 and 1956. Byrd was employed by British Gaumont, then the largest British production company, in the 1930s. He worked alongside Louis Levy writing scores for films such as It's Love Again (1936)[1] Byrd worked for the company's musical department both as a composer and arranger. After leaving British Gaumont, he was employed by a variety of other production companies and in the 1950s also worked in television.

Bretton Byrd
Born30 November 1904
Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom
Died27 September 1957
Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Other namesJames Thomas Bird
OccupationComposer, musician
Years active1932 – 1956 (film)

Selected filmography


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