Breda Mod. 5C

The Breda 5C was an Italian medium machine gun, which was adopted by the Royal Italian Army and used in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War and in World War II.

Breda Mod.5C
Breda Mod. 5 version C
TypeMedium Machine gun
Place of originKingdom of Italy
Service history
Used byRoyal Italian Army
WarsFirst Italo-Ethiopian War, World War II
Production history
ManufacturerBreda Meccanica Bresciana
No. built2.000
VariantsBreda Mod.5G
Mass9,220 Kg
Length940 mm
Barrel lengthbarrel 450 mm

Cartridge6.5×52mm Carcano
Caliber6.5 mm
Rate of firetheoretic: 450-500 shots/min; practice:150-180 shots/min
Effective firing range400 m
Feed systemnon detachable Magazine with 20 rounds, stripper clip with 20 rounds


Breda 5C, together with Fiat Mod. 26, was designed by the Italian Society Ernesto Breda Costruzioni Meccaniche to replace the machine gun SIA Mod. 1918. Despite the unsatisfactory results of both arms during the tests, however, they were adopted by the Royal Italian Army for to address the critical shortage of automatic weapons. Assigned to the troops of Tripoli, a few dozen unit were used by meharists during World War II. It also armed the armored cars Fiat 611.[1]


The weapon had many features that will then be taken in the machine gun Breda Mod. 30. The barrel was quick change and, through a handle in asbestos, was pulled away, with a half rotation, from the barrel holder sleeve. The functioning was blowback operation of the barrel with locking of the bolt through wing and with oil lubrication of bullets. Shooting with bolt closed. The rear of the receiver ended with two knobs with the firing button and a false wooden stock. The feeding was through a magazine on the right side, front-hinged. For charging, it was front rotated, you could insert the plate with 20 rounds, then this was withdrawn leaving the rounds in the magazine, which was then closed by rotating to the rear. The iron sights was elevated through a cursor. To be fired the weapon necessitated for a 2,860 kg tripod, which doubled as a saddle for the transport of the weapon.[2]

Other versions

Breda 5G

This version is essentially the same weapon, with the same operation, but adapted to machine gun size. The knobs are replaced by a stock with a lower removable tip and pistol grip with wooden grips and a trigger. The tripod is eliminated and replaced by a bipod attached to the barrel holder sleeve.


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