Breckenbrough School

Breckenbrough School Limited is a registered charitable trust school in Sandhutton, North Yorkshire, England.

Breckenbrough School
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Coordinates54.24337°N 1.41115°W / 54.24337; -1.41115
Motto"More Than a School"
FounderArthur Fitch
Department for Education URN121765 Tables
HeadmasterSimon Bannister
Age9 to 19

The school is a residential school with a Quaker Society of Friends foundation. It provides for special educational needs for boys with Asperger syndrome, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and ADD (attention deficit disorder). The school affords alternative education for pupils to that at mainstream schools. It provides courses towards GCSE examinations, and prepares pupils for further education and career placements. A separate 'After Care' charity supports pupils' post-school life.

Breckenbrough School was founded in 1934 by Arthur Fitch, a Quaker psychiatrist, at Dunnow Hall, Slaidburn. It moved to Ledston Hall near Castleford in 1948, and has been at Breckenbrough Hall, Sandhutton, since 1958.[1]

A 2013 Ofsted social care inspection report judged the school to be overall Grade 2 (good).[2]

Therapeutic provision

The school employs a full-time psychologist who works directly with pupils and parents. She also supports teachers, learning support stuff and social education. This is important for developing strategies and plans for pupils. She is also available to support pupils in their transition away from the school ('After Care').[3]

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