Breadalbane, Prince Edward Island

Breadalbane (/brəˈdɔːlbæn/ brə-DAWL-ban)[2] is a municipality that holds community status in Prince Edward Island, Canada.[3] Located in Queens County, Prince Edward Island, its population as of 2011 is 173.[1]

Breadalbane, Prince Edward Island
Breadalbane in Prince Edward Island
Coordinates: 46°21′27″N 63°30′03″W
Country Canada
Province PEI
  ChairpersonMargo Dooks
  • Irene Novaczek
  • Duane Stewart
  • Eric Wigmore
  Chief Administrative OfficerKim MacLeod
Time zoneAST
  Summer (DST)ADT
Area code(s)902
Telephone Exchange964
NTS Map011L05


Breadalbane was incorporated as a municipality in 1991. Its name comes from an area in Scotland of the same name. The name "Breadalbane" means "The Upland of Alban". The Gaelic "Braghaid", meaning upper part, is found in Scottish place-names in the form of braid. "Alban" is the Gaelic name applied to the Northern Land. The Scots from Ireland, who brought Christianity to the West of Scotland in the early centuries, called the mountain range which separated them from Pictiand, "Druim-alban", or the backbone of Alban, and the region beyond it "Braighaid Alban".[4]

The town was important as a local centre in the late 19th century. Several mills operated there, with the dam dismantled early in the 21st century.

Breadalbane has a community centre and a library and was the first station east of Emerald Junction on the Prince Edward Island Railway before the railroad was dismantled.

Political history

James Kennedy, a Conservative, was first elected to the PEI Legislative Assembly in the general election of 1908 for 4th Prince. He was re-elected in the general election of 1912. Kennedy died while in office. Kennedy's brother Murdoch was also a MLA. The two brothers served concurrently from 1908 to 1915. Kennedy operated a general store and was a large exporter of farm produce. James Kennedy dies 23 April 1915

Murdoch Kennedy was born 25 March 1873 in Breadalbane. He married Margaret Davison Biggar and they had five children, Maude, Ray, Hazel, Erma and Ivan. He was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in a by-election on 19 December 1906 for 1st Queens. He was re-elected in the general elections of 1908, 1912, 1915, 1919, and 1923. In 1913, he resigned his Cabinet position because he disagreed with the government's support for the use of automobiles on public roads.[5]

Notable people

Though a small community, with a population of less than 200, Breadalbane is home to several prominent political and cultural figures. Residents, one-time residents, or frequent visitors include members of the PEI Legislative Assembly James Kennedy and Murdoch Kennedy,[5] painter Hilda Woolnough, author Reshard Gool,[6] potter Malcolm Stanley,[7] film-maker John Hopkins,[8] Gemini and Emmy Award winning producer Cheryl Wagner,[9] local merchant Ivan B. Kennedy,[10] folk singer Allan Rankin,[11] Geographer Hal Mills, Computer Scientist/Geographer Mike Neal, elder Elmer Stewart and Biologist Irené Novaczek.[12]


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