Brad Morrow

Brad Morrow, born Bradley Steven Mora, credited during his childhood as Bradley Mora, (May 12, 1942 in Chicago – November 7, 1997 in Northridge, Los Angeles[1]) was a child actor who appeared on Broadway, in film and on television beginning at the age of two. Morrow was spotted in New York by MGM and appeared in films during the 1950s. He worked for Disney where he was cast as a Mousketeer before being pulled from the project to appear in Disney's Spin and Marty series. As a young adult, he changed his name to Morrow and toured with the stage productions of both West Side Story and The Diary of Anne Frank. In 1961, he appeared in the final episode of the television police drama The Asphalt Jungle. After his acting career ended, he went into business management and was president of CII Premium Finance in Burbank, California, when he resigned because of ill health and died of cancer a year later at the age of 55.[2]


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