Boxing at the African Games

Boxing was an African Games event at its inaugural edition in 1965 and has continued to feature prominently at the competition in each of its subsequent editions.

Boxing at the African Games
First event1965 Brazzaville
Occur everyfour years
Last event2011 Maputo
Best Algeria (ALG)


Games Year Host city Host country
I1965Brazzaville Republic of the Congo
II1973Lagos Nigeria
III1978Algiers Algeria
IV1987Nairobi Kenya
V1991Cairo Egypt
VI1995Harare Zimbabwe
VII1999Johannesburg South Africa
VIII2003Abuja Nigeria
IX2007Algiers Algeria
X2011Maputo Mozambique
XI2015Brazzaville Republic of the Congo

Medal table

1 Algeria (ALG)21181352
2 Nigeria (NGR)1817944
3 Kenya (KEN)18101139
4 Egypt (EGY)16101238
5 Tunisia (TUN)118928
6 Uganda (UGA)87722
7 Mauritius (MRI)52310
8 Zambia (ZAM)51612
9 Ghana (GHA)410923
10 Cameroon (CMR)311317
11 Tanzania (TAN)26412
12 South Africa (RSA)23914
13 Guinea (GUI)2013
14 Ethiopia (ETH)14510
15 Namibia (NAM)1427
16 Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD)1337
17 Madagascar (MAD)1225
18 Botswana (BOT)1135
19 Republic of the Congo (CGO)1113
20 Sudan (SUD)1102
21 Senegal (SEN)1012
22 Niger (NIG)0202
23 Morocco (MAR)0123
24 Zimbabwe (ZIM)0112
25 Burkina Faso (BUR)0101
 Seychelles (SEY)0101
 Togo (TOG)0101
28 Gabon (GAB)0055
29 Lesotho (LES)0044
30 Angola (ANG)0022
 Benin (BEN)0022
 Libya (LBA)0022
 Mozambique (MOZ)0022
34 Burundi (BDI)0011
 Central African Republic (CAF)0011
Totals (35 nations)123116145384
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