Boxing at the 2015 African Games

Boxing at the 2015 African Games in Brazzaville was held between September 14–15, 2015.

at the 2015 African Games
Location Republic of the Congo
Dates10-13 September


Medal table

As of September 13, 2015
1 Algeria (ALG)5128
2 Nigeria (NGR)4206
3 Cameroon (CMR)1124
4 Tunisia (TUN)1113
5 Mauritius (MRI)1012
 Republic of the Congo (CGO)1012
7 Egypt (EGY)0246
8 Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD)0213
9 Namibia (NAM)0202
10 Seychelles (SEY)0101
 Togo (TOG)0101
12 Botswana (BOT)0022
 Kenya (KEN)0022
 South Africa (RSA)0022
15 Angola (ANG)0011
 Ethiopia (ETH)0011
 Gabon (GAB)0011
 Ghana (GHA)0011
 Lesotho (LES)0011
 Uganda (UGA)0011
 Zambia (ZAM)0011
 Zimbabwe (ZIM)0011
Totals (22 nations)13132652
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