Boxing at the 1954 Asian Games

The Boxing Tournament at the 1954 Asian Games was held in Manila, Philippines between 5 May and 8 May 1954. A total of 37 boxers from 9 nations competed at the competition.

at the 1954 Asian Games
Dates5–8 May
Competitors37 from 9 nations

The host nation dominated the competition winning five out of seven gold medals.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
(51 kg)
Ernesto Sajo
Lee Jang-kyo
 South Korea
Aye Kho
(54 kg)
Alejandro Ortuoste
Hempala Jayasuriya
Kichio Miyake
(57 kg)
Park Kum-hyun
 South Korea
Mauro Dizon
Chandrasena Jayasuriya
(60 kg)
Celedonio Espinosa
Henry Wong
 Republic of China
Hiroshi Iwabuchi
Light welterweight
(63.5 kg)
Ernesto Porto
Lee Sam-yong
 South Korea
Hisao Inoue
(67 kg)
Kazuma Fujimoto
Bulat Bin Ismail
Kim Yoon-seo
 South Korea
Light middleweight
(71 kg)
Vicente Tunacao
Yutaka Kobashi
None awarded

Medal table

1 Philippines (PHI)5106
2 South Korea (KOR)1214
3 Japan (JPN)1135
4 Ceylon (CEY)0112
5 Republic of China (ROC)0101
 Singapore (SGP)0101
7 Burma (BIR)0011
Totals (7 nations)77620

Participating nations

A total of 37 athletes from 9 nations competed in boxing at the 1954 Asian Games:


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