Boxing at the 1930 British Empire Games

At the 1930 British Empire Games, the boxing competition was held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and featured contests in eight weight classes.

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight  Jacob Smith (SAF)  Thomas Pardoe (ENG)  Ross Galloway (CAN)
Bantamweight  Harry Mizler (ENG)  Tommy Holt (SCO)  John Keller (CAN)
Featherweight  Freddie Meachem (ENG)  Lawrence Stevens (SAF)  Alex Lyons (SCO)
Lightweight  James Rolland (SCO)  Cosmos Canzano (CAN)  Albert Love (ENG)
Welterweight  Leonard Hall (SAF)  Howard Williams (CAN)  Frank Brooman (ENG)
Middleweight  Fred Mallin (ENG)  Dudley Gallagher (AUS)  Ernest Peirce (SAF)
Light heavyweight  Joe Goyder (ENG)  Al Pitcher (CAN)  Joey Basson (SAF)
Heavyweight  Anthony Stuart (ENG)  William Skimming (CAN) Only two entrants


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