Bourget (electoral district)

Bourget is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district is located within the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough of Montreal. It includes territory between the boundary with Pointe-aux-Trembles borough and the Canadian National railway and between mostly Sherbrooke Street and the Anjou borough and the Saint Lawrence River.

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
Richard Campeau
Coalition Avenir Québec
District created1960
First contested1960
Last contested2018
Population (2006)63,300
Electors (2014)[1]48,998
Area (km²)[2]19.4
Pop. density (per km²)3,262.9
Census divisionsMontreal (part)
Census subdivisionsMontreal (part)

It was created for the 1960 election from a part of Laval electoral district (not to be confused with the modern-day city of Laval, which was not established until 1965).

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, its territory was unchanged.

Members of the Legislative Assembly / National Assembly

Legislature Years Member Party
Riding created from Laval
26th  1960–1962     Jean Meunier Liberal
27th  1962–1966
28th  1966–1970     Paul-Émile Sauvageau Union Nationale
29th  1970–1973     Camille Laurin Parti Québécois
30th  1973–1976     Jean Boudreault Liberal
31st  1976–1981     Camille Laurin Parti Québécois
32nd  1981–1985
33rd  1985–1989     Claude Trudel Liberal
34th  1989–1994 Huguette Boucher-Bacon
35th  1994–1998     Camille Laurin Parti Québécois
36th  1998–2003 Diane Lemieux
37th  2003–2007
38th  2007–2007
 2008–2008 Maka Kotto
39th  2008–2012
40th  2012–2014
41st  2014–2018
42nd  2018–present     Richard Campeau Coalition Avenir Québec

Election results

2018 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Coalition Avenir QuébecRichard Campeau8,87027.57+7.93
Parti QuébécoisMaka Kotto8,37026.01-11.77
Québec solidaireMarlène Lessard7,86524.44+13.24
LiberalVincent Girard6,07418.88-9.98
GreenMarieke Hassel-Crépeau7192.23+0.75
Citoyens au pouvoirDany Roy2000.62-
Marxist–LeninistClaude Brunelle800.25-0.05
Total valid votes 32,17898.19
Total rejected ballots 5941.81
Turnout 32,77264.92
Eligible voters 50,481
2014 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMaka Kotto12,52537.78-7.90
LiberalJean-Pierre Gagnon9,56728.86+9.45
Coalition Avenir QuébecSylvain Medza6,51019.64-1.29
Québec solidaireGaétan Chateauneuf3,71411.20+1.77
GreenThomas Lapierre4891.48-0.02
Option nationaleDiego Saavedra Renaud2430.73-1.23
Marxist–LeninistClaude Brunelle1010.30+0.11
Total valid votes 33,14998.29
Total rejected ballots 5771.71
Turnout 33,72668+22.26
Electors on the lists 49,334
2012 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMaka Kotto16,37945.68−4.51
Coalition Avenir QuébecMario Bentrovato7,50320.93+10.60
LiberalDave McMahon6,96019.41−11.40
Québec solidairePatrice Gagnon3,3819.43+4.88
Option nationalePaolo Zambito7021.96
GreenGilbert Caron5371.50−2.12
Parti indépendantisteSylvie Tremblay1990.57+0.08
Coalition pour la constituanteJan Stohl700.20
Marxist–LeninistClaude Brunelle680.19
Unité NationaleGaston Savard570.16
Total valid votes 35,85698.64
Total rejected ballots 4951.36
Turnout 36,35174%−6.0
Electors on the lists 48,998
2008 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMaka Kotto13,00750.19+9.53
LiberalPierre Mac Nicoll7,98430.81−1.11
Action démocratiqueGuy Boutin2,67710.33+0.93
Québec solidaireGaétan Legault1,1804.55+0.22
GreenGilbert Caron9393.62−7.75
Parti indépendantisteAntonis Labbé1270.49−1.84
Total valid votes 25,914 98.33
Total rejected ballots 439 1.67
Turnout 26,353 55.56
Electors on the lists 47,434
Source: Official Results, Le Directeur général des élections du Québec.
Quebec provincial by-election, May 12, 2008
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMaka Kotto6,57540.66−0.60
LiberalLyn Thériault5,16131.92+9.07
GreenScott McKay1,83911.37+3.28
Action démocratiqueDenis Mondor1,5209.40−13.61
Québec solidaireGaétan Legault7004.33+0.14
Parti indépendantisteRichard Gervais3762.33
Total valid votes 16,17199.01
Total rejected ballots 1620.99
Turnout 16,33334.55−35.34
Electors on the lists 47,276
Source: Official Results, Le Directeur général des élections du Québec.
2007 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisDiane Lemieux13,42241.26−4.16
Action démocratiqueClairmont De La Croizetière7,48723.01+5.70
LiberalPierre Carrier7,43322.85−11.17
GreenScott McKay2,6328.09-
Québec solidaireLynda Gadoury1,3634.19+2.93*
Christian DemocracyClaudette Deschamps1950.60+0.02
Total valid votes 32,532 98.81
Total rejected ballots 391 1.19
Turnout 32,923 69.89
Electors on the lists 47,108
  • Increase is from UFP
1998 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisDiane Lemieux13,05647.73
LiberalHuguette Boucher Bacon10,95140.03
Action démocratiqueBertrand Morel2,89910.60
  Socialist Democracy Sylvain Desjardins 185 0.68
CommunistPierre Bibeau1150.42
Marxist–LeninistHélène Héroux890.33
     Innovator André Provost 61 0.22
Total valid votes 27,356 100.00
Rejected and declined votes 312
Turnout 27,668 79.54
Electors on the lists 34,783
Source: Official Results, Le Directeur général des élections du Québec.


Election results

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