Boulonnais (land area)

The Boulonnais (French pronunciation: [bu.lɔ.nɛ]) is a coastal area of northern France, around Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer. It has a curved belt of chalk downs which run into the sea at both ends, and geologically is the east end of the Weald-Artois Anticline.


The Pays Boulonnais is subdivided into 3 intercommunalities: the Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais, the Communauté de communes de la Terre des Deux Caps & the Communauté de communes de Desvres - Samer.

Towns and villages of the Boulonnais

Intercommunality Communes
Communauté d'agglomération du BoulonnaisBaincthun, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Condette, Conteville-lès-Boulogne, Dannes, Echinghen, Equihen-Plage, Hesdigneul-les-Boulogne, Hesdin l'Abbé, Isques, La Capelle-les-Boulogne, Le Portel, Nesles, Neufchâtel-Hardelot, Outreau, Pernes-lez-Boulogne, Pittefaux, Saint-Etienne-au-Mont, Saint-Léonard, Saint-Martin-Boulogne, Wimereux, Wimille
Communauté de communes de la Terre des deux CapsAmbleteuse, Audembert, Audinghen, Audresselles, Bazinghen, Beuvrequen, Ferques, Hervelinghen, Landrethun-le-Nord, Leubringhen, Leulinghen-Bernes, Maninghen-Henne, Marquise, Offrethun, Réty
Communauté de communes de Desvres-SamerAlincthun, Bellebrune, Belle-et-Houllefort, Bournonville, Brunembert, Carly, Colembert, Courset, Crémarest, Desvres, Doudeauville, Halinghen, Henneveux, Lacres, Le Wast, Longfossé, Longueville, Lottinghen, Menneville, Nabringhen, Quesques, Questrecques, Saint-Martin-Choquel, Samer, Selles, Senlecques, Tingry, Verlincthun, Vieil-Moutier, Wierre-au-Bois, Wirwignes

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