Boulevard du Rhum

Boulevard du Rhum also known as Rum Runners is a 1971 French-Italian-Spanish adventure film directed by Robert Enrico and produced by Alain Poiré. It is based on Jacques Pecheral's novel of the same name. It stars Brigitte Bardot and Lino Ventura and was released in France on 13 October 1971.

Boulevard du Rhum
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Directed byRobert Enrico
Produced byAlain Poiré
Written byJacques Pecheral
Robert Enrico
Pierre Pelegri
Tony Recoder
StarringBrigitte Bardot
Lino Ventura
Bill Travers
Music byFrançois de Roubaix
CinematographyJean Boffety
Edited byMichel Lewin
Release date
  • October 13, 1971 (1971-10-13) (France)
Running time
135 min
Box office1,279,586 admissions (France)[1]


Set in the prohibition era, a rum runner (Ventura) in the Caribbean falls in love with a beautiful silent film star, Linda Larue (Bardot).[2]



The film began shooting in Mexico and the British Honduras in September 1970.[2] The film was also partially shot in Parisian studios[2] and in Andalucia, Spain.[3]


The New York Times regarded the film as a professional breakthrough for Bardot, deeming it as a signifier of "the death of a star—the last star, perhaps—and the birth of an actress: Brigitte Bardot."[4]


The score and soundtrack were composed by François de Roubaix, with Bardot lending her vocals to certain songs.

  • 1. Chant des rumrunners / Générique
  • 2. Sur le boulevard du rhum (by Brigitte Bardot)
  • 3. Le jeu de l'aveugle
  • 4. La posada / Gramophone rumba
  • 5. Chanson de Ronald (by Guy Marchand)
  • 6. Ragtime du ver solitaire
  • 7. Bataille navale
  • 8. Tango del patio
  • 9. Linda et Cornelius (Version 1)
  • 10. MacAlister's wedding song I (by Joe Turner)
  • 11. Ben-moor hôtel
  • 12. Au cinéma muet
  • 13. Plaisir d'amour (by Brigitte Bardot and Guy Marchand)
  • 14. Prohibition rag
  • 15. Linda et Cornelius (Version 2)


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