Boulevard Shopping Centre

Le Boulevard is a shopping centre at the corner of Jean-Talon East and Pie-IX Boulevard in Montreal. The mall was officially inaugurated on September 29, 1953 with 32 stores.[1][2] It was one of the first malls in the Montreal area.[3] Le Boulevard was originally a strip mall but was transformed into an indoor shopping centre in the 1970s.[4]

Le Boulevard is built in the shape of a L and is composed of 70 stores. Former The Bay store (originally Morgan's) and Metro Plus (originally Steinberg's) each border a side of the mall, with Canadian Tire (formerly Pascal's) being in the middle. Geographically, Le Boulevard is situated partly in the Saint-Michel neighborhood and partly in the former city of Saint-Leonard. The mall is just a block north of the Rosemont neighbourhood.

Le Boulevard is managed by Crofton Moore.[5] The mall underwent extensive renovations in the 2000s. New tenants in the revitalized centre include Urban Planet, Dollarama, La Senza, Tim Hortons, Jean Coutu, Lunetterie New Look, and others. Longtime tenants of the mall include the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Bay closed its Le Boulevard location in September 14, 2018; a few days shy of the store's 65th anniversary.[6][7] Its first floor is currently occupied by a Surplus RD furniture store.[8]

Comparison of anchor spaces

Steinberg'sMetro Plus [9]
Morgan'sThe Bay (closed in September 2018) [6]
PascalCanadian Tire [10]
WoolworthVarious stores


A small Zellers store was in the shopping centre from about 1955 until 1976. It directly touched the north side of the Morgan/Bay store. After Zellers closed, The Bay expanded into the former space of Zellers and merged it into its own store.

Today, the old Zellers space can be recognized as the section of the vacant Bay store that had one floor (in contrast to the original section of The Bay which had 2 floors).[lower-alpha 1] The basement of The Bay, which was closed to the public in 2011, was also part of this defunct Zellers store.



  1. Morgan's at Le Boulevard was itself a one level store until 1956.

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