Boston round (bottle)

A Boston round bottle, or Winchester bottle, is a strong, heavy bottle commonly used in the drug and chemical industries. It is often made of amber (brown) glass (to filter out UV light) but can also be made of plastics.[2]


The "Winchester quart" bottle first appeared in the UK in the 19th century with a capacity of 2 imperial quarts (2.273 litres).[3] At the time, a system of dry capacity measures known as "Winchester" was still in use. The Winchester bushel is still used in the US. However, the Winchester quart bottle has no relation whatsoever to any other units called "Winchester". In the 20th century, the Winchester Quart was metricated to two and a half litres.[4][5]


A "Boston round" has a cylindrical shape without a handle and a short curved shoulder. It is threaded for closing with a screw cap.

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