Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 1994

The 15th Boston Society of Film Critics Awards honored the best filmmaking of 1994. The awards were given on 18 December 1994.

15th BSFC Awards

December 18, 1994

Best Film:
Pulp Fiction


Best Film

1. Pulp Fiction
2. Vanya on 42nd Street
3. Ed Wood

Best Actor

1. Albert FinneyThe Browning Version
2. Wallace ShawnVanya on 42nd Street
3. Henry CzernyThe Boys of St. Vincent

Best Actress

1. Julianne MooreVanya on 42nd Street
2. Linda FiorentinoThe Last Seduction
3. Jodie FosterNell

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

1. Kirsten DunstInterview with the Vampire and Little Women
2. Dianne WiestBullets Over Broadway
3. Tracey UllmanBullets Over Broadway, I'll Do Anything and Prêt-à-Porter

Best Director

1. Quentin TarantinoPulp Fiction
2. Louis MalleVanya on 42nd Street
3. Robert RedfordQuiz Show

Best Screenplay

1. Quentin Tarantino and Roger AvaryPulp Fiction
2. Paul AttanasioQuiz Show
3. François Girard and Don McKellarThirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

Best Cinematography

Best Documentary

Best Foreign-Language Film


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